moslem criticism of Christmas

links collection and author date originated: Nov 2009.

moslems seemingly love to downplay and bad mouth anything not islamic. The following links are a old collection of moslem teaching from blogs and other online resources that demonstrate how moslems reject non muslim holidays and religious activities.

SPECIAL NOTE: I donot know if every link will be operational. I will leave the choice to research their claims up to you my readership.


“Christmas in the Muslim world this year by Abdul Malik Mujahid”

“Treating Christmas with Respect by Abdul Malik Mujahid”

“CHRISTMAS To Party or Not to Party”

“Christmas – For Muslims?? By A Loving Muslim brother”

“What Every Muslim Should Know About Christmas”

“Muslim’s Survival Guide to Christmas”

“What Should Be the Muslim Reaction to Christmas?”

“25 December 2007  Exar Kun”

“Christmas and the Paganization of Christianity Written by Muhammad Nizami “

“Sunday, 14 December 2008 “

“Christmas and Islam By Umm Muhammad”

“ORIGINS OF CHRISTMAS and EASTER The Story Of Nimrod, As It Relates To Christmas And Easter By Wilhelm J Wolfaardt”

“A Christmas Special (From a muslim humorist)

December 23, 2005 written by Hamzah Moin”


“Can Muslims Celebrate Christmas?”

“May I Celebrate Christmas With My Christian Mother?”

“As a New Muslim, Can My Kids Celebrate Christmas?”

“Celebrating Christmas with One’s Non-Muslim Family”

“Celebrating Christmas with Christian Family”

“A New Convert Torn Between Celebrating `Eid and Christmas”

I do recognize that there are several positive messages within the previous links about Christmas by moslems. Criticism and a persons opinions are a part of life.


Since when is it ‘ok’ to be critical of non muslim holidays and ignore the very pagan links within islam?

After all if ‘hajj’, ‘Eid al-Adha’, ‘ Ashura’ and other moslem celebrations have pagan practices such as animal sacrifice and blood letting then whom is the great pagan ‘religion’?

moslems are not showing us a REAL ‘;truth’ only their own fears and ignorance due to their misguided ideology that their ‘cult-ure’, and theocratic system is ‘perfect’ when in reality the problems of the world are not solved under islam. Many of the problems in the middle east are caused by idiotic moslems in the first place.

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