My response to richard rives email ‘Caesars Pagan Religion’

Origionally written on Thursday, October 7, 2010 1:43 PM

Richard Rives sent the following mass email news letter.

“Dear Friends and Fellow Servants,”

“In the Book of Luke we find that at the time of the birth of Christ, Cyrenius was governor of Syria; and we are all familiar with the famous decree by Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed. Seldom do we stop to consider the fact that Caesar Augustus worshipped the pagan sun gods Mars, Jupiter and Apollo, the sun gods of the Romans having the same attributes as Baal, the pagan god of the Old Testament — The same source of idolatry that caused Israel to fall. At the time of the birth of Jesus, pagan sun worship was firmly in place to take on the truths that Messiah would reveal – and the unrelenting forces of Roman paganism have been at work ever since and are still hard at work today in an attempt to pervert the truths of Scripture. “

“The three major components of contemporary Christianity can be traced directly to the Roman sun gods and goddesses of antiquity. Easter, Christmas and Sunday rest. Educated theologians are well aware of that fact. If it were not true they would be lined up wanting to publicly debate what I have just said. They know, yet they will do anything possible to avoid having to admit it. “


“The Bible tells us to prove all things and to hold fast that which is good. I encourage you to prove what I am saying. In other words, check it out for yourselves. Ask those you trust for honest and detailed answers. Although Caesar Augustus is a Biblical character, aspects of his pagan faith have no place in the Church. “

“Contending for the faith once delivered to the Saints: I’m Richard Rives with Just the Facts.”

Ok there is his philosophy:

Christianity is suddenly  ‘pagan’ because we celebrate…



And most Protestants goto Church on Sunday.

Is Mr. Rives correct is their evidence of this claims? Also lets consider a shocking idea he inadvertently creates.

Without Christmas No birth of Jesus

Without Easter No death and resurrection of Jesus.

Without a choice of Worship day created by the Disciples of Christ the ‘visions’ of EG White and the Theonomy ideas behind the online craze of Gentile Sabbath keepers makes the rest of Protestant Christianity indeed look ‘pagan’

Lets look at some counter evidence to Rives claims:

Was Christmas a stolen pagan holiday? Good question……was Jesus Christ just a CopyCat Savior Myth?

Christmas or Hanukkah? – By Diane Stone

Is Easter a pagan holiday?

Do I really need to repost links about Sunday VS SDA Sabbath?

Oh well… Here are a few to read.

Hank Speaks Out Various Questions on the Sabbath

September 7, 2009

**The Christian and the Law of Moses

**The Sabbath and why early Christians didnt keep it

Since Jesus is God and his disciples were given PERMISSION to change the Law of Moses for the sake of the Gentiles we can assume that God is ok with giving we Gentiles different rules to follow.

While I’m at it what was Caesars religion anyway…?

The Roman Caesars ‘religion’ if you call it that was a combination of gods and goddesses and Mr. Rives has the audacity to consider current Christianity as pagan? Since when do Protestant Christians worship a god / goddess mix? Since when do we worship pagan gods in our Churches?


Since Mr. Rives thinks it is somehow ‘biblical’ to keep the Law of Moses and the Saturday Sabbath I wonder if he would agree to this bit of news?

It seems to me that Mr. Rives and other Christian Sabbath keepers are neglecting the pagan reality of their ‘special’ day since it too was a pagan day of worship.

Mr. Rives should stop his arguments. I am not fooled by his teachings and claims and it is fairly easy for me to counter his arguments and claims with the TRUTH.

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