Marshall Islands and SDA “Sunday Law” Paranoia

According to the following SDA blogs.

“Bill No. 66 the Sunday Observance Act, 2010.”

Is another attempt to creating the worrisome ‘Mark of the beast’ discussed in EG Whites book. ‘The great Controversy’. However it should be noted that EG White was referring to a Global ‘Sunday Law’ that would destroy SDA Christians. While so called ‘Sunday keepers’ would be going to hell because they accepted the ‘mark’ of satan (Sunday).

Meanwhile neither of these bloggers have filed any kind of significant information about this bill that only affects business or hotel operations on the island chain and not WORLDWIDE SDA followers.

This bill seems to be more related to the practically extinct ‘Blue law’ that was once used in the USA.

In order to verify if such a bill exists and what it contains I sent a formal email to both the Government of the Marshall Islands and its media source.

Here is the reply from the media there:

“Bill 66 was shelved and the parliament recessed earlier this month. It may or may not be revived for the August session of parliament.”

So if true that this is little more than a “Blue Law” this type of bill would NEVER affect SDA Followers, Jews or other religions in those Islands.

Websites dealing with Marshall Island Governments

So far there is no information on this law and others are unwilling or unable to discuss what this bill is and is not.

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