Online hatred of Christmas

Since 2005 I have noticed several online groups are posting Anti Christmas messages. most of these groups are supposedly Christian and yet they make claims like…

“Jesus wasn’t born on Dec 24th

“Christmas is a pagan holiday”

“God is angry with Christians for celebrating Dec 24”

Or some other kind of silly exercise in futility.

I can appreciate their arguments. But is my God really upset with me for a celebration? No not really… I worship My Lord on ANY day and he appreciates my Worship on any day celebration or not.

In researching their arguments they assume the following:

‘Christians like our Jewish cousins ‘MUST’ celebrate Jewish celebrations.’

‘Christians ‘MUST’ keep the Law of Moses and forgo all the ‘liberal / pagan’ celebrations we enjoy in America and other places.’

‘Christians who keep so called ‘pagan’ celebrations are rejecting God.’

‘God cannot remove supposed spiritual pagan influences from various celebrations used by either Protestant or catholic churches.’

‘Christians are somehow worshipping pagan gods or goddesses on days that were once used by pagans LONG BEFORE Christianity became a Faith.’

Are these groups being truthful with the rest of us who are Protestant Christians? No…

Is Father, Son and Holy Spirit offended or angry with me and other fellow Christians for Christmas and Easter celebrations? No…

I consider myself a Spiritual Christian a Pentecostal follower of Christ who looks into the deeper portions of my God and my Savior through his Word. It is through my Lord do I see things in a different light than those who are legalists and Theonomists. Any American celebration is not against my God or against his word.

So what does Christmas mean to me? Christmas to me is about Family, Food, Fellowship, Worship, and the reminder that Gods gifts to we his creation are GREATER than any material device, book, etc.

Yes the legalists and Theonomists are right. Christmas or Yule was a pagan holiday and some of its traditions and decorations found its way in both Christian and liberal celebrations of this time of year.

And yet they miss the point.

Christmas is about two things.

1 Gods gifts to his creation

2 Jesus birthday

Doesn’t Jesus life, death and resurrection trump any old pagan tradition or decoration? I think it does. Jesus who is the reason for Christianity is BIGGER than any flawed idea, theology, religion, philosophy, that men create. Even if we don’t know which month Jesus birthday actually was. Christmas still is accepted by Jesus as a time to worship him and to give him praise for our lives.

Yes the Protestant legalists, Protestant Theonomists can argue against both Christmas, Easter and more. But they endanger themselves in these ways.

1 Those who are against Christmas aren’t merely arguing against dead paganism, Santa Claus or liberal materialism but the birth of Jesus and Gods gifts to we his followers.

2 Those who argue against Easter aren’t merely arguing against the Easter bunny or dead paganism but they argue against the death and resurrection of Christ.

Those who are ‘Christian’ legalists, Theonomists who claim to speak for God are only speaking their own flawed philosophies, Theologies and ideologies. They donot speak for God.

What of moslem criticism of Christmas?

Moslems through their fatwas, blog or website posts have also used the same arguments as their Theonomist comrades against Christian and Easter.

In viewing these moslem arguments they neglect that their own rituals, and celebrations also come from Arabian paganism that can be found in the quran and other moslem documentation.

Those moslems who make such claims and bad mouth both Christianity and our Lord Jesus donot prove their ‘case’ but instead provide further evidence against islam, allah, and Muhammad.

Those who argue such things about dead paganism during both the Christmas and Easter holidays are less Christian and more the supporters of the online Theonomist philosophies or of the moslem Theocrats who are waging warfare against their own Christian populations in moslem controlled countries.

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