Question: ‘How to do EVP safely?’

Last month in October 2012 a visitor typed in a question in my blog.

“how to do evps safely demons?”

Here is my response to such a question.

‘EVP’ known as ‘Electronic Voice Phenomenon’ is the supposed contact of the dead by a living person with a audio device.

The recordings made by the living are regularly featured on TV shows and horror movies supposedly in actual or scripted ‘haunted’ locations. What is unknown about ‘EVP’ is who or what entities / spirits a person contacts in those recordings.

Fakery: Some audio recordings are faked with either pre-recorded sounds or from Halloween sound effects albums.

The dangers involving EVP are the following.


*Any recorded statement from a ‘spirit’ that God doesn’t exist.


*Ideas from people or spirits that contacting the ‘spirits’ or ‘dead’ is thru technology instead of seeking after God and his authority through the teachings of the Bible and Prayer.


*That the EVP practitioner have gained ‘powers’ through technology or the occult to talk to the ‘entities, spirits or deceased’.


*Those ‘stars’ involved in the creative process of ghost-hunting TV shows have written about their adventures, philosophies and theories in published books. And because of their experiences and entities they have encountered  they start a form of occult religion.


Some of you who read my blog might laugh at these limited dangers. But consider this. All ‘ghost-hunting’ TV shows feature individuals or groups that believe in the ability to contact the ‘dead’ and each TV show on the various TV networks are actively ‘evangelizing’ ghost-hunting as a neo-religion with their various philosophies and theories as their doctrine and theology.

I don’t view EVP as safe. After reviewing many EVP online I am certain that WHATEVER is answering those ghost-hunters are not human spirits but something far more dangerous and demonic.

I will deal more with my thoughts on WHAT is making the EVP as recorded on the TV shows and movies later.

As Christians we shouldn’t concentrate on ghost-hunting or EVP. We should be PRAYING for Wisdom from our Lord Jesus and Concentrating on bring on the many peoples of the world to him.

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