Let the apostates go




In another article by:



“Why churches should brace for a mass exodus of the faithful, The more conservative churches, anyway “

“By Damon Linker | 6:25am ET”





The same author who wrote ” How Christianity gave us gay marriage” gives his opinion on the following religious groups and how they will loose liberal minded parishioners who agree with the propaganda of the gay political machine.





catholics etc.



Allow me to throw a question to Linker.


“Did Jesus require equality for straight and gays in the Gospels?”


The answer of course is NO! And with good cause. This liberal political and propaganda machine promoting gay rights and marriage is not related to Biblical accounts but a societal and political change by those who are ignorant of how human culture is built and thrived for thousands of years. Those of us who read the Gospels know that Jesus defended marriage between one man and one woman. To claim anything else is the teaching of sinful people and not God nor Jesus.


Jesus as a Jew knew that marriage during his lifetime and marriage in the future has always been meant between two people… male and female… not male + male nor female + female. WHY? Because you can’t make a biological family on male + male marriage or female + female marriage.


Of course that means nothing to the political lefties and those who want American culture and society to crumble further into disaster.




Despite this grandiose secular experiment to promote a neo-family of two gay men or two lesbian women WHERE is the cultural or societal history in the past that such experiments worked and promoted anything in ANY given culture or society?


So far I’m finding nothing conclusive and that makes me wonder if this idiotic experiment is worth the trouble to not only the US Government but other Govs as well.


But I digress… Let’s deal with the liberal apostates.



The liberal mindset and its sheeple followers assume the responsibility to change religious Doctrines, Theologies and more to equate that sodomy marriage and lesbian marriages are equal to Male and Female marriage.


In order to create their perfect hell… ER… perfect world… the liberals challenged and changed Doctrines and Theology in their preferred religions to fit their political ideology and of course if you don’t do things their way… they leave…


And in leaving… Yes there is repercussions to apostasy…


Let’s consider the following.


1 Loss of income… People who prefer to leave ANY church, religious organization will take their pay away from that community or organization.


2 Loss of friends, community… Any friends that they have made in that community will either leave with them or lose them due to time, distance or other issues.



Those who support the lefts ideological insanity end up:


Giving to progay causes and organizations


Gaining new friends in a new community following the same beliefs dictated by progay leaders.



What does this mean for Christians and religion in general?



Let the apostates go…




Simply put… those who give in to leftist progay causes and organizations are in reality siding with not merely a human philosophy but a darker, satanic force that has helped change peoples minds in following medically dangerous and illogical lifestyles.


Yes… Let the apostates go… And either they will recognize the error of their ways…


Or burn with their masters forever…

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