Saturday Sabbath was a CUSTOM for Jesus

March 14, 2014



While reading one of the many Bibles I have in my collection I came a across a Scripture that reminds me of WHY Jesus kept the Sabbath day.


Please look up Luke 4:16.


When you define the word ‘Custom’ you find many definitions of the word.


Here’s my favorite.


” A habitual practice of a person”



How interesting…



So for Jesus going to the Synagogue was a regular practice on Saturday. And as I previously mentioned He NEVER Commanded that custom over Gentiles.


As the Gospels record Jesus activities on the Sabbath it means that those who argue against Sunday are:



1 Are following false human doctrines who are utterly clueless on what the Sabbath meant to Jesus.



2 Are following the doctrines of false teachers by keeping a particular day not because they are COMMANDED to do so by Jesus instead they keep sabbath because of false teaching.



3 By following false teaching they ignore a traditional practice of the Lord. This means they are Biblically ignorant and are deceived.



To be fair this means that gentile Christians COULD keep Sabbath. And yet we should be reminded that by keeping that specific we are doing so under the blood and blessing of Jesus and not cast aside his blessings to follow legalism and foolish human philosophies that plague the Christian church today.



Sabbath was blessed through Jesus life, sacrifice, death and resurrection. IT SHOULD NOT be used as a tool by cultists to beat up Christians who donot follow that cult leaders philosophies.


Instead it SHOULD HAVE been a reminder that GOD walked among ALL PEOPLES calling them into his Kingdom.


How sad Sabbath as a term and day are misused by those who claim to be Christian but instead are ignorant Unbiblical idiots.

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