My response to (BNTL) Berts comment on “The Doctrine of Richard Rives and why I question them”

Started: March 2016

Finished: 4-3-2016


Yesterday on March 10 2016 Bert left me comments in regards to my above post.


Here is my response.


Thank you Bert for your comments. I understand your confusion to my previous statements in regards to rives doctrines. However you should understand the following.


Since 1991 I have been part of the “Berean” philosophy that is the major school of thought within Christian Churches that believe that Jesus satisfied the ENTIRE Law of Moses. This means that the teachings of both Jesus and the Disciples are the main source of Christian morality within the New Testament.


My blog that you have been reading from are collections of my ideas and doctrines from 20+ years of Bible study that are my responses and counter information as responses to multiple groups including ‘noah-ites’, ‘Theonomy cults (SDA-) Seventh Day Adventism, Richard rives, and others.



Here is my response to your comments.


It is your belief that modern Christians should ‘keep’ the Ten Commandments as a ‘moral system’. And yet where do you have basis for such an idea in the NT (New Testament)?


Did Jesus or the Disciples COMMAND such things for Jew & Gentile?


I’ve read Matthew, Mark, Luke & John and those Gospels mention nothing of such philosophy. Even if you look in Acts such ideas did not come from the Disciples.


You mentioned Matthew 5:3-48 and yet neglect Matthew 6:1-34 and Matthew 7:1-29. Jesus came to fulfill – satisfy the law of Moses if we follow his teachings and Commandments.


How do I know this?


Jesus as God answered a lawyer’ in Matthew 22:34-40. Notice that Jesus used only two examples in that speech.


Love God.

Love your Neighbor.


Now if your ideas are Biblically correct than Jesus should have been recorded as saying “Keep the Ten Commandments.” But that is not what is recorded.


Jesus is further recorded in Mark 12:18-34 with very similar language.


IF Jesus meant for his Gentile followers to keep the Ten Commandments then where are such Commandments in the Scriptures?



Next what the Disciples taught.



IF you look up Acts 15:1-31 The Disciples had to deal with Judaizing legalists who thought that Gentiles had to be circumcised and keep the Law of Moses. Please note their response to those who think alike Judaizers.


IF you look up Romans please note the following.


The Law won’t save you.


Romans 3:1-31

Romans 7:1-25

Romans 8:1-39

Romans 13:8-11


Galatians 3:8-14




I’ve noticed that you missed that point in the book of Romans how sad for you.


It seems to me that the book of Revelation also speaks to the idea of a Jewish Remnant and a great Multitude.


Rev 7:1-17


IF these things were not to be than John and the other Disciples wouldn’t have recorded it.


The common link for Gentile Christians and Jewish Christians is our FAITH in Jesus.


Romans 5:1-21


IF we are to ‘keep’ the Ten Commandments and have Faith in Jesus both Jesus and the Disciples would have said it and those words would have been recorded.


While you claim not to follow rives your ideas are similar to him. And we are warned about following UnBiblical philosophy Colossians 2:8…


Please be aware.


The Entire Law of Moses didn’t stop at the Ten Commandments but is 613 Commandments long. It started in Exodus 20:1-26 to Leviticus 27:1-34 and was for those who followed Moses. IF your claim is true than you follow Jesus who is greater than Moses. Please read Hebrews 3:1-19, Heb 8:1-13, Heb 9:1-28, Heb 10:1-39.


Over almost 45 years of living I’ve meet a lot of people who claim to ‘keep the Ten Commandments’ and yet those same people are in reality ‘LOM’ breakers. They are adulterers, porn addicted, divorced, judgmental on other Christians and yet think they are somehow safe.


No I am not perfect, I have my sins and yet I donot base my Salvation on legalism or philosophy of flawed men. I base my Salvation on following Jesus teachings as best as I can and his Disciples. Jesus taught grace and Faith not works.


IF you donot believe what I have posted is correct please do your own research and Bible study. Perhaps I am wrong but more than likely I am right in what Doctrines I have found in the Holy Bible and posted for all to see.


May God bless you too.





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