Seventh Day Adventists are Theonomists

In recent days I have been studying Theonomy and if it applies to orthodox or reformed Seventh Day Adventism.

So far my study involving EG Whites writings from her estate website and other websites are confirming my suspicions.

Theonomy is defined as:

“What is Theonomy?”

“By Jay Rogers “

“Published May 2008”

“Theonomy means literally, “God’s law,” or the belief that the moral laws of the Old Testament are still binding today. This idea states that only Old Testament laws specifically fulfilled in the New Testament are non-binding (such as sacrificial laws, ceremonial laws and dietary laws). The moral Law of God is still the ethical standard for governing individuals and society.”

I feel that this is a decent definition for the SDA orthodoxy and reorganized groups due to the massive amount of writings EG White created with or without help involving the keeping of the Ten Commandments and Sabbath. These writings of course can be in book form or online.

To save time I am including various online examples of her works and the works of her followers to prove my point.

Lets look at some online teachings of SDA followers to see if they fit this definition:

“Are the Ten Commandments still law for Christians?”


“The Ten Commandments Gods Standard of Conduct”


EXAMPLES FROM EG Whites Writings:

“Sacredness of Gods Commandments”

“Testimonies for the Church Volume Four : Page 247”


“Our Denominational Name”

“Testimonies for the Church Volume One : Page 223”


“Dealing With False Science, Cults, Isms, and Secret Societies”

“E.G.White Library Evangelism : Page 589”


My problems with SDA Theonomy:

In my varied readings of EG Whites books, booklets etc. There is a philosophy in her works that Jesus some how commanded the Ten Commandments and therefore SDA Christians are to follow ‘his’ commandments. What Jesus wanted was for we Christians both gentile and Jewish followers to follow after him. Not to follow the fulfilled Commandments.

After all are we gentiles part of ancient Israel and Gods revelation during the lifetime of Moses? No I don’t think so.

I believe Jesus fulfilled not merely the Ten Commandments but all the law of Moses. These means through his teachings and example we Christians are exempt from the Jewish Theocracy laws that are shown in 5 books of Moses.

Point #1:

Gentiles weren’t given Moses laws. As I read my Bible and the Tanakh it is clear from the TEXT God spoke directly to Moses and the people who followed him out of Egypt. It is in those texts that seem to indicate that God had in mind two groups Jew and Gentile.

In these following examples it seems that our Jewish friends have a similar belief:

“613 mitzvot (commandments).”

“It is based primarily on the list compiled by Rambam in the Mishneh Torah.”

“The Jewish People are enjoined to observe the 613 Divine commencement inscribed in the holy Torah, but with the destruction of the Beith HaMikdash and the dispersion of the Nation, observance of many of the mitzvaoth has become impossible.  In righteous modern Jew who wish to fulfill his obligations to his Creator would have great difficulty in deciding which Torah commandments pertain today and which do not.”


“The Ten Commandments”

“Parshas Yisro – “

“by Rabbi Dovid Green”

“In this week’s parsha we read about one of the most significant events in the Torah. That is the giving of the Torah by G-d to the Children of Israel at Mount Sinai. The entire nation comprising of millions of people heard G-d’s voice at this awesome event. The waves of this event are still rippling in the world and shaping world history in profound ways. It is noteworthy that this event, and not the miracles of the Exodus from Egypt are the basis of our faith. We do not accept miracles as a basis for our religion. We do not accept the word of one enlightened individual claiming connections with G-d as a basis for a religion. It is only because our great great…grandparents stood at Mount Sinai and heard G-d’s voice that we committed ourselves to serve G-d by keeping His commandments. “

“The Talmud tells us that there are 613 commandments in the Torah that we are obligated to follow. Of these 365 are negative (don’t’s), and 248 are positive (do’s). Many are tied to living in Israel, many are laws regarding sacrifices and the Temple. Many still apply today, although some temporarily don’t apply as there is no Temple and no sacrifices. Since the Ten Commandments are in this week’s parsha, it’s worth while examining what they really demand from us. Briefly, we’ll discuss each one.”


As I have shown the Gentiles are not included in keeping either the Ten Commandments or the rest of the 613.

Point #2:

Jesus didn’t give we Gentiles Commandments to keep the Jewish laws. He did use the Law of Moses to teach us a better morality than what existed during his lifetime and that carries to today (2010).

As I have attempted to show I believe EG White and her followers are Theonomist Christians. In following this type of Theology EG Whites followers may put themselves in Spiritual danger.

After all Law breakers of Gods Commandments were not spared. How much more SDA followers.

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