At long last a truthful mormon

A number of years ago I noticed the following paragraph in a LDS online post.

“It is true that no absolute proof for the events of the Book of Mormon has ever been found in Mesoamerica. No inscriptional evidence has been unearthed that can be directly tied to any person or place mentioned in the Book of Mormon. “

In keeping with my skewed sense of humor. What this author is telling us that NO archeological proof has been found to validate Joe Smiths writings as of this date. However later in the article they claim to have other types of evidences between the Middle East, Mexico and South America. Many of which are overly hyped.

After all if there was evidence of archeology to back the LDS claims then of course it should be published.

How can a organization call itself Christian and yet have SO MANY theological differences between Christianity and itself?

For differences between Protestant Christianity and LDS churchianity see here:

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