A warning to fellow Christians about scammers


I got a interesting comment from this character today:



Daniel Marsh

“Dear Sir, I am a Christian who shares Jesus with anyone who will listen. Often, I have been encountering Seventh Day Adventists and I need a copy of From Sabbath to Lord’s Day by D.A. Carson, is there a copy floating around anywhere that I may have, free of charge, please. I am unemployed due to unpaid care giving responsibilities and due to serious health concerns. My Cancer is in remission – for good I hope. I am recovering from surgery related to a degenerative bone disease.”


“Thanks for Praying”

“Daniel Marsh”


Now I WAS going to look up the author mentioned online to see if that would help this guy. But instead I looked up the address he left and here is what I found:






And of course he is running his scam on myspace as well…




So here is a 50 year old guy trying to get freebies from good, kind, Christian folk. And on his myspace he is caught up in trying to ID some model he has a infatuation with. Yeeessshhhhh….


What angers me is that he is wasting so much time ripping people off that he REALLY does need Jesus to change his heart & mind in order to stop spamming and creating a nuisance of himself.

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