The Four reasons why we Protestant Christians keep Sunday

This post is my reasoning for keeping Sunday. I am including the New Testament Scriptures as evidence that my position is valid and Biblical.


1 Jesus did not Command Gentile followers to keep the Sabbath or the entire Law of Moses.

Everything Jesus had to say about the Sabbath and did on the Sabbath can be encapsulated in the following Scriptures:

Matthew 12:1-14

Mark 2:23-28

Mark 3:1-6

Luke 6:1-11

Luke 13:10-17

Luke 14:1-6

John 5:1-15

According to Jesus the most important Commandments of the Law of Moses are mentioned here:

Matthew 22:36-40


Mark 12:29-31


Luke 10:25-28

This means that EG Whites visions about the Sabbath was wrong.


2 Jesus Resurrected on the First Day (Sunday) in doing so he fulfilled the Law of Moses

Matthew 28:1

Mark 16:1-2

Luke 24:1

John 20:1


3 The Disciples of Christ agreed that the Law of Moses (Including Sabbath Saturday) were not for Gentile believers. Acts 15:1-41


4 Paul suggests that we believers in Jesus pick a day of Worship and not judge fellow believers on those choices of Worship days. Romans 14:5-6

Are all these the only reasons or excuses that we Protestants keep Sunday as our particular day of Worship? No perhaps not. And yet can those in Theonomy and SDA Theonomy really argue that we Christians are to keep Saturday Sabbath and the Law of Moses when Jesus did not require or Command us to keep said doctrines?


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