Inter-faith between Muslims and Mormons is a future disaster

I recognize that many religious groups want to find ‘common ground’. But who are they trying to fool?

According to this Mormon Inter-faith-er.

“Devoted to increasing understanding and interfaith dialogue between Mormons and Muslims around the world”

And her FAQ:

So called inter-faither dialogs are eventually useless because it is the theology that drives a permanent wedge between the two groups. An example of this is the theological wedge between Protestant, Catholic Christians and Mormons (LDS).

These differences between Christians and Mormons can be shown here:


“WHO ARE MORMONS? – Their History, Beliefs and Practices”

In my next post I will attempt in my own amateur way to demonstrate that Allah and the LDS elohim are not the same God. It is not for this mormon individual to assume that allah and her god are the same.

What the previous LDS interfaither wants is alliances with the Islamic system. Both the LDS & Islamic systems will not be joined as a result of theology or mutal respect. They will be in compitiion with each other in their attempts to win as many converts as possible from each other.

Ultimately LDS leaders will have to make a choice. Follow  Islams Allah who is not the LDS elohim or follow Elohim who is not the islamic god.

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