Romans 14 Weak and Strong Christians

Romans 14 is one of my favorite Scriptures when it comes to debating SDA and other Theonomists. Not because I some grand debater with a PhD in the Bible but a regular Joe of a Christian.

Let’s review Romans 14:1-23 (KJV)

1 Paul asks fellow Christians to receive fellow Christians who are weakened by doubt.

2 Those who are weak in Faith believe that they should eat herbs (veggies)while others eat various kinds of food.

(Having spent a good portion of my life growing up around SDA people I can easily see how this Scriptures easily means them and those who are ‘locked’ into the dietary code of the Law of Moses.)

3 Those who are vegans should not despise and judge those who eat the various kinds of food. Ands those of us who are not vegans shouldn’t despise or judge vegans either.

4 As Christians we shouldn’t be judging each other it is God who makes us to stand. This means the latest Theonomists like Richard Rives and those before him like Ellen G White are wrong for despising and judging fellow Christians by their limited philosophies.

5-6 The choice of a Lords Day. For hundreds of years Theonomists have tried to change the worship day back to Saturday Sabbath. Despite the fact that the Torah & Christian Bible make it clear that God made the Sabbath for the Hebrew and not the Gentile. My multiple blog posts are evidence of the wrong doings by Theonomists against those of us in Christianity. I regard Sunday unto our Lord. Those who keep Saturday Sabbath unto the Lord. It is not for me to judge them because of one day of rest. And for those who are Theonomist Sabbath keepers in Christianity it is not unto them to judge me according to Sunday.

7-10 We as Christians should live & die unto God and not worry about what others say or do.

10-16 We as Christians should not judge those who are weakened by Theonomy because we live a different lifestyle or culture than they. Neither should those who are Theonomists judge those Christians who donot live according to their philosophies.

17-23 Subjects such as meals, days of worship will not destroy Gods work through the Church. Those who have weakened themselves through the ‘Law’ should not be mistreated or offended instead they need to remove any doubts about their meals or days of worship. Otherwise their doubts is considered sin.

Now to my point…

We as fellow Christians are doing a disservice to God and ourselves with pointless debates, and disputes. As Christians we need to bring the sinner to Christ and quit the in fighting that has caused many wounds in the ‘Body’.

IF we cannot stop this infighting than the devils will only use this ‘smoke screen’ to cause more damage to the Church and the peoples of this world.

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