Why Christians are silent on violence against the lgbt

Started: 8 6 2019
Finished: 8 6 2019

3 years ago I found this article.

“Why the Silence From Fundamentalist Christians?”
“06/15/2016 05:51 pm ET”
“Tim Rymel, M.Ed., Contributor Author | Educator | Dad”



Here is my belated response:

Condemning Christians like myself due to the horrific shooting in the Florida gay night club. And this articles author proclaimed the following.

“The Republican Party has used LGBT lives as a political pied piper, calling for good Christians citizens who care about God and country to join them and their cause. And it’s worked. LGBT people have been reduced to fodder for religious rallies and fundraising, and forage for media madness. We’ve been dehumanized and mis-characterized, accused of things we don’t do, and believing things we don’t believe.”

“I understand the shooter was not a Christian, but, from what we know so far, he was someone who identified with the ISIS version of the Islamic faith. The principles taught regarding homosexuality comes from the same Scriptures Christians use to justify their condemnation of gays. In fact, Jews, Muslims, and Christians all share the same starting point for their religions; the first five books of the Old Testament are either called the Torah, the Quran, or the Pentateuch.”

“Some fundamentalist Christians have already pacified themselves in my social media feed with comments like, “You can’t blame ME for this,” or “You know the guy was a Muslim, right?”

“Whether he was a Muslim, a Christian, or even a self-loathing gay man, he was an American who grew up with the same message the rest of us have heard all our lives. It’s a message proliferated by the Christian right that there is something wrong with you if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. It’s the message that tells you, no matter how much character you have and how honest you are, you will always be on par with liars, thieves and adulterers (1 Corinthians 6:9).”

“The pervasive message from the fundamentalist Christian right is a message of disdain and death to the gay community. Regardless of whether or not the shooter held their exact theological position, he pulled the trigger and carried out their message. And then they went silent.”

Hmmmm… ok…

My first response to the gay nightclub shooting was as follows.

1 Gay man decides to walk into night club and kill his fellows.

2 Crazy loon walks into afore mentioned night club and starts killing gays.

3 Mujahedeen / moslem walks into a gay night club and kills gays.

As I felt that the attack was sad and horrible. Did I feel responsible for it? No! Did I feel that my beliefs contributed to it? No! The attacker was moslem and a POS.

I felt and still feel that those who chose to be in the lgbt community have the ability and authority to have security, access to fire arms or other weapons to protect themselves their loves and their property. They alone could have stopped that attack and any others that have happened over the many year’s of their ideological and philosophical take over of American society.

Why this matters.

I’ve noticed over many years that the left leaning media likes to cover up not only lgbt related crimes against their own but they also gloss over the many mujahedeen moslems who have done multitudes of crimes against lgbt persons and businesses.

But you see it’s the Christians fault. We have the same Scriptures according to this articles author.

How laughable.

It’s lgbt persons who don’t even bother to read the quran, hadiths and other online documentation from moslems that dictate that the lgbt, Christians Jews & many others can be murdered because we don’t have their allah, holy book or prophet. We are harram, we are kaafir to them.

But let’s get back to the comments’ of this author.

Where does it say in Matthew to Revelation we as Christians have the right / responsibility to kill or harm anyone in the lgbt?

Oh, that’s right no where!

As Christians we are not to act as criminals and human monsters. Yet at the same time we are to be able to preach and to teach those who are willing to listen to show them their sins. Even if we offend those who dislike our message.

To blame Christians for violence is very familiar to me. What do I mean? I personally blame gay men for the infection of hiv / aids into Americas sexuality and those infections that happened within many other countries. So I am not really any better than they.

And yet as I read what lgbt-ers write online or in published books I see them guilty for transforming this society into a lgbt cess pool. A place where it has been difficult to raise your child into understanding that what the lgbt preach isn’t always for the best. That those in the lgbt can be just as dangerous with their philosophy and ideologies as any other group of people. And yet as a employee, as a guy trying to make money I have to follow policies and rules that are lgbt friendly and I have to kiss up to persons who have obtained power over employers, government, education and so much more. The very same individuals who think that their power trip gives them the right to screw up my life for not believing in their anti-theist lies, philosophies’, ideologies and so forth.

And then they wonder why there’s violence from theocratic groups like moslems who were never raised with lgbt ideas.

The problem is that the lgbt got too big and their over reach didn’t solve the problems for everyone but only their tiny elitist allies. It’s no wonder why people are tired of the same old lgbt drivel. “We are the victim!” They scream and yet they donot count the cost of their political over reach and the troubles’ they cause for Conservatives, Christians and Jews who are ignoring their pleas and teaching their kids and grandkids to think out of the anti-theist educational boxes and arming tem with science about the after effects of gay sex, hiv / aids and the multitudes of infections and disease they can or could catch.

Is that statement unfair? Is what is published in the huffpost untrue? Aren’t there predatory lgbt-ers who want these things to happen?

“I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children Into My LGBTQ Agenda And Im Not a Bit Sorry”
“S. Bear Bergman Writer, educator, storyteller, & loudmouth.”
“Posted: 03/07/2015 8:47 am EST Updated: 03/07/2015 8:59 am EST”



And of course one of my favorite pro-gay articles.

“Did Christians Get Gay Marriage Right?”
“By Jay Michaelson 3 hours ago, The Daily Beast”



And with a little research on multitudes of pro-gay / progressive ‘news’ sites and websites we can easily get a taste of what the lbgt-ers really want for American society and then they wonder why Christians and others have fears, doubts and reservations of what they preach and practice when it ends up hurting us politically, financially and religiously.

Crime against lgbt persons, business etc are NOT the cause of ‘religious folks’ it is caused by criminals and sometimes the lgbt persons themselves. To make any other claims is absurd and un-necessary.

Why are Christians silent about violence against lgbt?

1 We aren’t the cause of the violence.

2 We donot have doctrines to support violence.

3 We are unable to help for whatever reason. This is why people say “I’m Praying for you…” because their time & monies are used for more important things or subjects.

4 Because of the democrat party / lgbt propaganda we no long feel any responsibility to apologize or to give because we are not aligned with their ideologies.

5 Because of lgbt being given political and other governmental powers we no longer feel that we need to accept or pander to ideas that are harming our Churches, Businesses and Communities. We have separated  ourselves from the lefty progressives and chose to follow the Teachings of Jesus who is greater than lgbt philosophy.

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