My response to the article: “Clergy opposing gay marriage turn people away from God”

Started: Dec 1 2014

Finished: June 27 2015


During my usual search through huffington post I found the following article from Utah last year.



“Op-ed Clergy opposing gay marriage turn people away from God”

“By Scott Dalgarno “


“NOV 29, 2014”

“First Published 3 hours ago    •    Updated 3 hours ago”

In my research I always find that those who proclaim to be ‘progressive’ christians are not teaching Biblical doctrines but mans philosophy in regards to popular cult-ure.

Let’s break this article down.

1 Does God make people gay?

2 Does Biblical doctrine support pro-gay ideologies / doctrine?

3 Do liberals / leftists speak for God in regards to religious marriage?

1 God makes human beings male or female. That is scientific fact. Becoming gay is not from biology but probably from the sexual pleasure found in male to male sex and female to female sex. Because of the urge to orgasm those persons become addicted to those needs and chose to stay gay.

2 In attempts by progressives to ‘prove’ homosexual marriage to be equal to Christian / religious marriage they always result in misusing the teachings of Jesus or other religious / spiritual individuals / teachers depending on which religious preference you as a individual have.

This can backfire horribly.

In regards to Christianity. What did Jesus have to say about Marriage?

Interestingly Jesus and the Disciples had a great deal to say about Marriage and related topics these references are found through out the New Testament.

Scriptural examples:

Matthew 5:27-32 (Lust, Divorce, Adultery)

Matthew 19:1-12 (Marriage & Divorce)

To be fair Jewish marriage is considerably different than our American secular marriages. However in the context of this post these are just a few examples in the Holy Bible of what Jesus thought about Jewish (And Christian) Marriage.

Echoing Jesus teaching the Disciples within the context of their culture and times also taught the same.

1 Corinthians 7:1-40

Hebrews 13:4

But nothing about:

‘sexual orientation’

‘gay marriage’

‘same sex relationships / marriage’

‘gay rights’ -etc.

Because as most reasonable people know… Such words, statements did not exist during the time of the New Testament church but we created in the 20th / 21st centuries and have little to do with Biblical Christianity. Such words are only part of the lingo of the liberal or progressive churchianity / apostasy.

3 Do liberals speak for God?

I find it incredibly sad when ministers who proclaim to be Christian but are in reality mouth pieces for the pro gay liberalism that support not merely gay marriage but the entire re-definition of marriage and sexuality not for the sake of a better morality but for destroying any type of morality in religion and culture.

Such lofty doctrines are hardly in keeping with Jesus teaching on marriage and morality within his Church. After all did Jesus teaching anything about sodomy, lesbianism and transsexuals? Of course not. Jesus recognized male + female marriage and morality.

Such concepts of homosexual sex, lesbian sex and all the other ‘lgbt issues’ didn’t exist during Jesus life. How do I know this? Because there is no proof of such words in the text of the early church documents.

Now, I can already hear the complaints from those who are pro-gay allies and from gays themselves. “YOUR POST PROVES NOTHING”! Oh… Really? To abuse Jesus teachings to ‘prove’ secular doctrines is not based from Biblical teachings or even the context of the New Testament. Such philosophy is based on man made ideas and propaganda. Not Godly teaching.

Is it true? Do Christian Clergy turn people away from God by not giving into the pro-gay apostasy?

How interesting that Jesus always talked about husbands & wives. Not in a polyandry or polygamist sense but in a man & woman relationship / marriage.

By supporting gay marriage / rights this articles author also has created his own god because ‘his god agrees with him’ or ‘his god hates those whom he hates’ so that particular ‘reverend’ is as guilty as those of us who are ‘anti-gay’.

But I digress…

Lastly Is this articles author correct about the definition of Government? Let’s find out…


“1. the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.; political administration: “Government is necessary to the existence of civilized society.”

“2. the form or system of rule by which a state, community, etc., is governed:

“monarchical government; Episcopal government.”

So if the Wealthy have no say in how we as Americans live our lives or the choices that we make than why make reference to such families or organizations at all.

Perhaps this ‘pastor’ is ill-informed on the actual reasons why Christians are against gay marriage and those liberal subjects that promote such ideas.

It is not the US Government that ” is inherently evil and is out to trash Christian values.” It is the values of the so called ‘progressives’, liberals, atheists and others who have support the idea of ‘secular government’ that produce all sorts of media attacks and propaganda against Christians and our allies.

No it is not Christians, Christian Pastors who will be keeping people away from God.

Those who turn their backs on God are doing so because they prefer the current rebellion.

The idea that sodomy, oral sex, lesbianism and other fetish sex acts qualify as a id, a ‘protected class’ not because of God, Christianity but because of the secular laws that are in place now and will likely become the weapon of the pro-gay left and their allies in one last horrific attempt to silence Christians and others who are not believers in their pro-gay doctrines and foolishness.

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