Pedophilia and the Catholic Church

In recent months there have been many news stories about the pedophilia crisis in the Catholic church. My first recollections of this subject came from the following comic series:

“The compelling testimony of Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit priest.”


“Volumne 1”

32 pages


“Volume 2”

32 pages

“The Godfathers”

Volume 3

32 pages

“The Force”

Volume 4

32 pages

‘Four Horsemen”

Volumne 5

32 pages

‘The Prophet’

Volume 6

32 pages

If these comic book stories were untrue then of course there would be no evidence of the pedophilia claims in the Catholic Church. Incidentally Mr. Rivera makes the claim that young boys who enter the priesthood are molested by fellow students or adult pedophiles. I donot know to this day if those types of claims can be verified. I suppose the only way to verify this claim is to interview each criminal who commits these types of horrors.

If true that the men who become priests in the Catholic church or women who are trained as Nuns in the Catholic church have this psychological perversion in their head OR they are molested from a early age as they prepare for their service. Then they entire leadership of the Catholic church must tear down their entire educational system within their organization to preserve their Church and rebuilt it without abusers.

Other internet posts questioning the criminal dealings of those perverts.


“NUN***KED The Hidden Story of Sexual Abuse by Nuns”

(Written by a atheist. WARNING ADULT THEMES!)

“On Homosexuals in the Catholic Priesthood Pedophile Protection Observations”

“Suffer little children New documentary exposes pedophilia in Catholic Church”

“By D’Anne Witkowski”

“Originally printed 11/2/2006 (Issue 1444 – Between The Lines News)”

“Why has the Catholic Church covered up pedophilia?”


“March 17, 2002”

“Bill Stouffer, 70, Dinuba “

“How Not To Argue Against the Catholic Church’s Pedophilia Defense”

“Apr 16, 2010 ·”

The Catholic churches parishioners are taking a stand.


The Nature and Scope of the Problem of Sexual Abuse of Minors

by Catholic Priests and Deacons  in the United States

A Report on the Crisis in the Catholic Church in the United States.

February 27, 2004

10 Myths About Priestly Pedophilia

by Deal Hudson

Publishing Interview with Frederick S Berlin MD PhD

The Catholic Church and Child Sexual Abuse

By Stephen J. Rossetti

Reprinted from America, April 25, 2002.

Efforts To Combat Clergy Sexual Abuse Against Minors: A Chronology

Pedophiles and ephebophiles have no capacity for authentic sexual relationships

By Melvin C. Blanchette and Gerald D. Coleman

Reprinted from America, April 25, 2002.

Efforts To Combat Clergy Sexual Abuse Against Minors: A Chronology

For the leadership in the Catholic church to ignore victims and cover up its perverted priest’s actions shows that there are serious problems in thier Church. IF Catholic leaders truly care about their relationship with Christ and they care about the child or adult victims of this sin they MUST remove ANY criminal pedophilia priest  or ANY criminal pedophilia nuns and allow Western laws to punish him or her. 

IF not I fear that the Catholic Church and its organization will be punished not just in Courts of Law but the loss of it’s followers and believers to the many religions of the West.

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