So… you want to move to Washington State USA?

Started: 05-05-2019

Finished: 1 1 2020


Really… Please DONOT MOVE HERE! We DONOT need more people:

Here’s my list of reasons NOT to move to Washington State.


1 The democratic party runs the Government here. And they are aligned with local socialists.


a) They create LOTS of un-necessary taxes.


b) They DONOT enforce the laws in dealing with homeless & drug addicts or other types of criminals.


c) Your property will not be left alone by the drug addicted and homeless. This means your car or other vehicles, home or apartment can be broken into and the police may not do anything about it.


d) The democrats & their socialist allies WILL tax all roadways in this state!


2 A growing population means the following:

+MORE TAXES! Yes we have a soda tax in Seattle and likely throughout the rest of the State.


+Less housing. Apartment rents, housing prices are very high and unless you have a job lined up. You aren’t going to want to live in Seattle.


 +Way too much traffic and BAD DRIVERS! This of course means people who speed, bumper ride, Donot use signals and general treat their vehicle and traffic as some type of video game.



3 Conservative’s, Christians and others who support Trump are hated & sometimes attacked here.

Although I wish I could joke about this.. many of the people I know… hate Trump  due to his tweets and words and either knowingly or unknowingly hate Conservatives because of all the success he has done for America itself not just one specific group over another.


 4 This area is a volcanic & earthquake death trap waiting to happen.

As a life long Washingtonian I have witnessed the devastating power of Mount Saint Helen’s. The many earthquakes that wrecked portions of Seattle & other cities. Unless you are prepared with food and water, firearms, money etc this will be a very bad place to be if we get cut off from help.


5 Winters in this area can be mild but you have to prepare your home / apartment and vehicle for winter driving involving snow & ice.

During the winter of 2018 I saw a lot of wrecks, bad drivers & poor choices made by ‘out of towners’ who are clueless about winter driving around here. As a maintenance tech in training I noticed that the residents of the apartment complexes were completely ill prepared by NOT having snow shovels to shovel snow off their cars or in front of their apartment homes, ice melt, extra food, fuel for warmth like wood for their fireplaces and so much more.

6 Homelessness and crime:

The rise of local homelessness is due to the following.


a) Rent is VERY HIGH in the King county area & it’s going to be worse in other Washington Counties too. Housing prices are also very high and again property taxes are problematic.


b) Due to a lack of planning people donot save money for rent or other needs and wind up getting kicked out of their home or apartment. Some live in their cars, vans, Rv’s, Others live with friends. And others live on the streets.


c) Drug and other addictions. As a maintenance worker I’ve had to sweep up and secure many pounds worth of injection needles. Those needles that you’d use for shots and possibly insulin are tossed on the ground like used candy wrappers and they become a health hazard due to diseases.


d) While many of the homeless in Seattle and other areas are locals there are plenty of people from other States that come here because of legalized pot and low arrests for drug use.*


e) The mentally ill.

As much as I don’t want to admit to it. Both democrats & republicans in this state have allowed the mentally ill / misfits to run amuck in every city, town of Washington state. Not one politician wants to spend the monies need to get people off the streets and into place’s where they could get help and be cared for.


f) Fraudsters / criminals.

These are the lazy, frauds who stand or sit by drive way, highway entrance’s begging for monies to buy drugs, beer, claiming to be destitute, kids hungry, ran out of gas etc. These are the same crazies or criminals who would hurt you and break into your car.






“Full Seattle homeless count report shows who is on the street and why”

“By MyNorthwest Staff, May 31, 2019 at 1:27 pm”

Full Seattle homeless count report shows who is on the street and why


Please DONOT move here. Visit here if you wish. Just don’t decided to come to stay. You aren’t wanted or needed.

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