So you want to move to Washington State USA?


Really… Please DONOT MOVE HERE!


Here’s my list of reasons NOT to move to Washington State.


1 The democratic party runs the Government here.

They create LOTS of un-necessary taxes.

They DONOT enforce the laws in dealing with homeless & drug addicts.

Your property will not be left alone by the drug addicted and homeless. This means your car or other vehicles, home or apartment can be broken into and the police may not do anything about it.

The democrats & their socialist allies WILL tax all roadways in this state!


2 A growing population means the following.

High taxes

Way too much traffic and BAD DRIVERS!



Drug gangs of various races


3 Conservative’s, Christians and others who support Trump are hated & sometimes attacked here.

Although I wish I could joke about this.. many of the people I know hate Trump and either knowingly or unknowingly hate Conservatives because of all the success he has done for America itself not just one specific group over another.


 4 This area is a volcanic & earthquake death trap waiting to happen.

As a life long Washingtonian I have witnessed the devastating power of Mount Saint Helens, The many earthquakes that wrecked portions of Seattle & unless you are prepared this will be a very bad place to be if we get cut off from help.


5 Winters in this area can be mild but you have to prepare your home / apartment and vehicle for winter driving involving snow & ice.

During the winter of 2018 I saw a lot of wrecks, bad drivers & poor choices made by ‘out of towners’ who are clueless about winter driving around here. As a maintenance tech in training I noticed that the residents of the apartment complexes were completely ill prepared by NOT having snow shovels to shovel snow off their cars or in front of their apartment homes, ice melt, extra food, fuel for warmth like wood for their fireplaces and so much more.


Yes I can agree to the following:

Washington State has jobs for the moment.

We have ALOT of great places to enjoy nature.

We are typically a great people. Friendly, out going.

We are people who grew up in Blue Collar jobs or were kids of Blue Collar workers.


We don’t  need more people with problems coming out here!

We don’t need the democratic party / socialistic – commies here!

We don’t need left leaning idiots who can’t solve problems here!

Washington State needs solutions to our growing list of problems not more problems or trouble makers!

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