My response to “40 Questions For Christians Who Are Against Marriage Equality” by ‘TM’

Started: Aug 30 2016

Finished: Sept 3 2016

As I was preparing to post my responses to ’40 questions for Christians who oppose marriage equality’ from Tobin Grant or Matthew Vines’ last month. I did some online digging into other Christians responses to those previous questions. And one of the searches listed these questions by ‘Trav’.

His link is:

As usual I’ll put his questions within quotations and I’ll answer them in bold through Bold from Microsoft word. At the end of this post I’ll point several things about how poorly written and poorly thought out these questions are and the mentality behind its author.

Let’s begin:

“1. If marriage is such a big deal in Christianity, why did Paul say it’s best not to get married?”

Because when 1 Corinthians 7:1-40 was written it would have been easier to be single due to the persecution of the Church from both the Romans and Jews. To be single was in some ways better than being married because of the many problems associated with married life then and now.


” 2. Also, if the family is such a big deal in Christianity, why did Jesus say his followers should leave their families?”

He didn’t.


” 3. Is homosexuality a mental illness?”


” 4. If so, why did the American Psychological Association declassify homosexuality as a mental illness in the 1970s?”

Actually it was back in 1975. And no the APA was bullied by your early ‘fathers’ of your ‘movement’.


Feel free to read up on some history someday.


“5. Also, why is there no comprehensive evidence that conversion therapy actually works?”

Don’t know. I don’t need that. And yet where is your evidence that lgbt is ok?


” 6. Based on statistics alone, which is more prominent: physical violence against LGBT+ people or conservative Christians in America?”

Only slightly higher. You might want to research the statistics.


Christians are also targeted for violence here in America.


“How often is hate motivated violence committed against Christians in the US?”

“By Kevin Schaul “

“October 2, 2015”


” 7. Jesus says divorce is forbidden unless adultery is involved. If that’s the case, then why are there no Christian coalitions fighting to make divorce illegal?”

Because divorce is secular and it is sometimes a necessity when a man or woman is unable to be a decent mate according to US laws.


” 8. Also, since the Bible says “Thou shalt not have any other gods before me,” why don’t you all fight to make all non-Christian religions illegal?”

Because American laws make such idiocy illegal and Christians don’t follow the Law of Moses.


” 9. The Bible also says, “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.” Why not make it illegal for people to work on Sundays? (Unfortunately that means y’all can’t go to Panera Bread after church.)”

Uhhh K. So you want to keep the Sabbath on Saturday and keep the Law of Moses as a Bi man? Good luck with that. You are certainly confused between Jewish laws and Christianity.


” 10. While we’re talking about the Bible, let me ask you this: How do you know it’s the Word of God? (Please don’t respond with 2 Timothy 3:16 because that’s a circular argument.)”

Because the various authors of the New Testament were influenced Spiritually to write the many letters contained within it. And there is no evidence by you or others to show it was a fake.


” 11. The Qur’an claims to be the Word of God as well. How do you know Muhammad was wrong?”

Maybe you should read up on islam from your precious secular point of you instead of being ignorant of it. But of course you won’t. Let me give you a hint where the quran comes from 40 scribes of muhammad that were not influenced from the God of the Bible but muhammads bad ideas and fake gods.


” 12. Is same-sex attraction really the result of a talking snake convincing two naked people to eat bad fruit?”

” 13. Did God really speak through a donkey?”

” 14. Did the sun really stand still?”

” 15. If so, how did Earth survive not spinning for an entire day?”

12 No. Your particular desires are a result of your rebelliousness and desires for same sex fornicating.


13-14-15. I don’t know. Neither do you.


” 14. Since I’m queer, does means that, when I’m on my deathbed, all I have to say is, “Sorry about that, God!” to go to Heaven?”

No. You have to ask forgiveness and apply religious Faith in Jesus to save you. And after reading your blog and hatred of God and Christianity I doubt you care anyway.


” 15. This question is specifically aimed at Calvinists: If God chooses who gets saved and who doesn’t, how did I go from being a cishet born-again Christian boy to being a transgender bisexual atheist?”

Because you found it better to become a humanist / atheist so that you would not be burdened with ideas on sin and so forth after all it’s ‘fun’ to be sodomized and give men oral sex instead of avoiding such things and keeping yourself from diseases.


” 16. What’s better for a child: Loving same-sex parents, or abusive opposite-sex parents?”



” 17. Do you think Leelah Alcorn would still be alive if her parents accepted her the way she was?”

No. Josh would have killed HIMSELF anyway with or without religion.


” 18. If God will pour his wrath upon America now that same-sex marriage is now legal in all fifty states, why didn’t he pour his wrath when we slaughtered the Native Americans?”

” 19. Or during the Trail of Tears?”

” 20. Or slavery?”

” 21. Or Jim Crow?”

“22. Or for all the years of police brutality against black people?”

  1. Who was to blame for Wars against the American Indians? People.
  2. Who was to blame for Slavery? People all over the world.
  3. Where did ‘Jim crow laws’ come from? Southern Democrats. AKA People.
  4. Who was to blamed for ‘police brutality’? People.


IF and when God pours out his wrath on the USA it won’t be only for those subjects you listed but many more that already exist and more that will be added to it. Don’t blame God for peoples sins.


” 23. You do know rainbows are caused by sunlight hitting raindrops, right?”

So you are related to rain drops?


” 24. Do you think it’s right for parents to kick their LGBT+ kids out of their homes?”

I don’t know. It depends on the situation.


“Can Parents Kick Teens out of Their Home?”

“By Brett Snider, Esq. on May 21, 2013 10:39 AM “


” 25. If homosexuality is unnatural, why is it prevalent in over 500 species of animals?”

Oh, So you are a animal? You enjoy mounting weaker men as a form of dominance?

Do you also use violence against gay men and eat them?

“Does Homosexual Behavior in Animals Mean Its Natural for Humans? “

“Author: Alan Shlemon”

“BlogSpot | Ethics “

“Mar 7, 2012”–JWJFPY


” 26. Also, if being transgender goes against God’s will, why can certain species switch from male to female in order to reproduce?”

Perhaps you know of a transwoman who can have a child without a uterus. Or how about how a transman can have a child without a penis? Insect and Animal species are completely different.


” 27. If God only intended penis-in-vagina sex, why does prostrate stimulation feel so good?”

I don’t know. Obviously you do though.


” 28. Also, why is the clitoris outside the vagina?”

I don’t know.


” 29. If the Bible defines marriage as only between one man and one woman, why is there so much polygamy in the Bible?”

You sure don’t do any meaningful research.


“Why did God allow polygamy / bigamy in the Bible?”


” 30. If marriage is for procreation, are barren couples shit out of luck?”

” 31. What about couples who choose not to have children due to health complications?”

” 32. Are couples who can’t afford to have children obligated to have children?”

  1. No. They still can have a great marriage without kids.
  2. Ditto
  3. No.

” 33. If your child came out of the closet, what would you do?”

Be a loving Father to my 3 kids. And yet I would spend my time reminding them of the Why’s being gay is not safe nor sane given the circumstances of the USA. This would require considerable infection and hiv / aids research to scare them and to make them think for their own sexual safety.


” 34. If you believe in “love the sinner, hate the sin,” does this mean I can love religious people but hate religion?”

No. You hate them and your blog is proof of that.


” 35. If LGBT+ Christians aren’t real Christians, does the same apply to women who go to church bare-headed?”

No because her hair is her covering. (See 1 Corinthians 11:15-16)


” 36. If Jesus told his followers to invite the poor, the lame, and the blind to banquets, how come I never see Christians throw dinner parties for disabled homeless people?”

You’ve never heard of Missions to help homeless folks, elderly folks and the handicapped?


” 37. If God invented marriage, does that means atheists shouldn’t marry?”

I don’t know. You folks claim to not need God so you’ll do whatever you want anyway.


” 38. If God wants the whole world to worship him, why did he spend so much time in Israel/Palestine?”

To bring his message to the Jews first through Jesus and then Jesus and the Disciples went through out the whole of the Middle East and then the World.


” 39. Why did Jesus go up to Heaven after he rose from the dead? Wouldn’t he go on a world tour for a second act?”

Because he wanted his Disciples to bring his message to the world.


” 40. If Jesus is such a big deal for Christians, how come Jesus never married?”

Because he didn’t need to.


According to this blogs author from the above post.

” …As a response, here are forty questions I’d like to ask Christians who don’t support LGBT+ rights. These aren’t meant to be snarky; just some honest questions:”

These questions are hardly ‘honest’ they are meant to be snarky and silly.

The author of these idiotic questions is little more than a lgbt bigot and hatemonger.

Here are the real reasons why Christians don’t support lgbt foolishness and stupidity.

1 It’s a great way to piss off liberals / leftists and others who are brainwashed into this philosophy.

2 As Christians we demonstrate that leftist philosophy is relegated to improvable theories that are historically inaccurate and not based on medicine or science.

3 Lgbt philosophy is sycretist and is unusable with Christian doctrines and ideology.

4 Christians don’t have to accept lgbt ideology simply due to the geo political whims of politicians and others who vie for political power from within or without the lgbt con-munity.

What is my sarcastic point?

That the lgbt community should simply accept that not everyone HAS TO agree with their ideas, ideals and the flawed ideology that is not based on facts but based on propaganda alone.

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