Why lefties, humanists, atheists should not convert to islam

Dec 22, 2013

Many in the ‘leftist’ camp will complain that I am not only intolerant but using the following examples as mere generalizations of what COULD happen under an islamic theocracy.

At the same time I have heard of nothing good happening for liberals, secularists and atheists under moslem governments. And so this following list… will remain as a online example of WHAT IF…

#1: islam would kill ALL sodomite men, lesbian women under sharia laws.

#2: leftist ideology & philosophy, humanism and atheism would be destroyed under islam.

#3: Leftist ideologies about abortion, morality would be replaced by sharia laws.

#4: After 1600 years there is no evidence in science, archeology to back moslem claims from the quran or other moslem documents.

#5: Educational ideals taught from leftist philosophy / ideology would be replaced with quranic text books, arab culture class -etc.

#6: moslem theocratic law would force non muslims to ‘revert’ / convert to islam.

#7: secular government would be forced to convert to theocracy…

#8: under islam American rights like Freedom of speech, freedom of press / media, freedom of association, freedom to protect oneself with firearms or other weapons, freedom of religion or freedom from religion would all end.

#9 The use or abuse of items like alcohol, marijuana, other drugs will be outlawed by sharia law. Criminals caught by moslem officials can be abused by beatings, jail time and even worse punishments.

#10 Open Sexuality, fornications, pornography, would be outlawed under sharia laws through zina laws…. And replaced with similar activities depending on the ‘tradition’ of the local imam such as Mutah: the Shia fixed-term temporary marriage, Misyar: the Sunni open-ended, negotiated, marriage contract… in which non muslims would have to join or keep their own sex lives a secret.

#11 ALL Entertainments that all Western groups enjoy would either be gotten rid of or used to propagate islam. These would of course include music in all its forms, DVD movies, theatrical movies, television shows, news programming, radio etc.

#12 ALL non Christian religions would be destroyed or subjugated under sharia laws. This means that the following ‘religions’ would no longer exist… satanism, wiccans, sikh, hinduism, buddhism, shintoism, atheism, -etc.

# 13 There would be no Legal system that would protect ALL NON Muslim rights. There would only be sharia laws and those were created for moslems to protect their property, legal rights, etc.

While the ideological left continue to commit suicide under the guise of ‘political correctness’ and ignore the various threats I have mentioned here it is only a sign that they have given up their supposed fight and have given themselves over to the very darkness that blasted the Middle East & Africa into islamic wastelands where there is no safety or peace.

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