WHY Christians in America feel victimized by the news media and progay propagandists…

March / April 2014

Since gay marriage / rights is a ‘hot button issue’ I’ve been collecting various new stories by various liberal authors that are part of a growing number of persons in favor of gay rights and marriage.


A recent addition to this file suggests.



“Christians You’re Not Victims”

“By Gene Robinson “

“11 hours ago”


“The Daily Beast”





How are Christians victims in this on-going ‘culture war’? One might ask.


I suggest the following.


1 Politicians.

2 The legal system.

3 Liberalized American culture and society.



Oh don’t get me wrong. We have yet to have our Churches closed down, Our Bibles and other religious documents taken from us, Our children forced from our homes to be ‘re-educated’ by this lovely liberal / secular government, And those of us who believe in Jesus Christ imprisoned and murdered for a Faith that DARES Speak against the idiocy of sexualized rights and other sins.


Am I merely ‘fear mongering’ or am I noticing something that is causing me to question both the media and American Government?



Let’s look at the media online for examples of how progay propagandists are creating more fuel for this cultural / society war that is raging right now.





“How Christianity gave us gay marriage ”

“The American fight for equality began with distinctly Christian precepts”

“By Damon Linker | 6:12am ET”






“The Top 10 Arguments Against Gay Marriage All Receive Failing Grades!”

“Posted: 05/28/2013 1:38 pm”

“Murray Lipp.”

“Social Justice Activist”









“The Terms of Our Surrender”

“Sunday Review | Op-Ed Columnist ”

“MARCH 1, 2014”

“Ross Douthat”







**”Dear SCOTUS Its Time to Destroy DOMA the Defense of Heterosexual Marriage Act ”

“Posted: 06/10/2013 5:22 pm”

“Murray Lipp.”

“Social Justice Activist”






** I’ve added this article because it clearly gives us the REAL REASONS that gay marriage advocates want to push gay rights / gay marriage on the whole of the USA and not merely any specific religion.


The proponents of the gay marriage theory and law don’t want to admit it but they have changed everything about American society and culture in a short amount of time. But WHY? What is the point if that type of lifestyle has no moral benefit?



Even now these same authors are starting to realize the errors they have helped create in the media.



“Religious liberty should be a liberal value, too “


“The fight over gay marriage is pitting equality against pluralism. Both are essential. “

“By Michael Brendan Dougherty | March 7, 2014”






“The gay marriage bigots strike again “


“CEO Brendan Eich was chased out of Mozilla for supporting Proposition 8. That’s setting a dangerous precedent. “

“By Damon Linker | 6:12am ET”





WHY do I as one Christian feel victimized by the US guv and liberals?


I base my convictions on the following.



1 politicians and the legal system have changed American law not on the basis of historical facts or even any evidence that gay marriage or gay rights will have anything beneficial beyond one group of fetishists. I will assume simply by my legal ignorance that all fifty states have a clause in their state laws supporting ‘human rights’. Those specialized rights give legal rights over lgbt individuals in order to make them a ‘protected class’.


Where is my evidence and proof? Read on…



2 With the use of Federal and State laws those in the ‘lgbt community’ can claim to be discriminated against by any specific religious group or individual. A number of stories online have indicated such lawsuits claiming that a Christian business owner has to provide services to a gay client despite the fact that that Christian person doesn’t agree with that law or the lifestyle of the person who is suing them.



” Supreme Court declines free speech gay marriage case”



“By Lawrence Hurley”

“3 hours ago”




In order to fact check the above story I did look up the actual law written by liberal politicians and according to it. The photographer has broken that law. And yet it is her Faith that is correct… nothing good is coming from the gay lifestyle or the political push by the left to push all persons to accept that fetish lifestyle.


“2006 New Mexico Statutes – Section 28-1-7 — Unlawful discriminatory practice.”


“28-1-7. Unlawful discriminatory practice.”


I’ve included this section that are particularly troubling within that law.


“F.     any person in any public accommodation to make a distinction, directly or indirectly, in offering or refusing to offer its services, facilities, accommodations or goods to any person because of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, spousal affiliation or physical or mental handicap, provided that the physical or mental handicap is unrelated to a person’s ability to acquire or rent and maintain particular real property or housing accommodation;”





Which means according to this law it is illegal for Christians to ‘discriminate’ due to a persons sexual fetishes they claim is their identity, lifestyle, gender etc. Which means that gays can try to sue Christians for various reasons claiming that an individual, Church, or Organization is discriminatory.




3 The use of recent laws known as ‘human rights’ laws that make it illegal for a Church or individual to ‘discriminate’ against those who are gay, lesbian, transgendered etc are meant as a tool to needlessly criminally persecute those of us who donot fall in line with the liberal standards of ‘tolerance’.


A mere generalization? I think not…



“Can Catholic Schools Resist?”

“By Keli Goff “

“3 hours ago”


“The Daily Beast”





“Fired for gay marriage Seattle area Catholic school official sues”

“Reuters “

“By Jonathan Kaminsky “

“5 hours ago”






Why does this matter to me as a mere Protestant Christian? Because more and more liberalized students and those who are staff members at such facilities will use the law to enforce such ideas in order to normalize behaviors that are medically unsafe.


Yes. I am a ‘bigot’, ‘intolerant’ and very much angry and unsettled by a group of politically arrogant leftists who are become a threat to my life and beliefs and for what? To prove theories that never existed until the late 1990s.


To brainwash children into thinking that adam and steve is equal in Gods eyes despite the fact no known civilization was built solely by gay men or lesbian women.


Or that anything else was ever proven equal to man and woman relationships where families were born and civilizations were raised by forming tribes, cities and eventually countries.



Where is the grand proofs that gay marriage / rights has proven anything of value then or now…?


Still silence from those who promote such ideals.



How can Christians, as a individual, group, organization use the same law to ‘stick it’ to those who promote gay marriage / rights?



1 Research… Find these same ‘human rights’ laws in the USA.


2 What can we do to use the same laws to claim ‘discrimination’ against gay individuals, organizations and even the leftist political machine to upset the balance and use their tactics against them.


3 Pray. Gather our allies.


4 This is fight for survival. Despite the darkness we as Christians must be willing to fight not merely for our own sakes but for the sakes of our children now and those children born long after we are all gone. Surrendering to the left is similar to accepting the ‘mark of the beast’ and there are those who have already done so. Becoming cult-ural xians and not TRUE Christians not because of what God wants but what mans doctrine has taught through liberalism.


May God forgive us for allowing this obscene propaganda to become Americas final and destructive morality.

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