WHEN Islamophobia is misused as a term


(Published on: Jul 17, 2008 @ 18:24)

According to the moslems Islamaphobia is:

“Islamophobia is a neologism used to refer to an irrational fear or prejudice towards Muslims and the religion of Islam.”


The problem with this definition is that many people who research islam are VERY rational & unwilling to make up tall tales or outright lies about islam.

And as most people know when muslims are criticized for their Words & Actions they suddenly scream ‘racism’ because of their ‘arabized culture’. Since I’ve already dealt with their idea of ‘racism’ I will move on to voice my criticism of their choice of terminology known as ‘islamophobia’.

It is the responsibility of anyone to voice concerns of the actions of religious groups. Even in Christianity or proclaimed Christian groups that create illegal activities or commit varied crimes against others are subject to criticisms and investigations.

Islam is no different than other religions and they have no excuse for the harm they cause whether it is a physical terror attack or the many articles and other works online that are used to promote lies & bigotry against secular lifestyles and religions. Muslims must understand that when their members act in a irresponsible and demonic fashion they will all be held accountable whether online on in the court systems.

The term ‘islamaphobia’ is a blatant excuse for muslims and their allies to level false accusations and outright lies to censor and silence those who criticize their political, lifestyle & religion.

That is when the term is misused by muslims who can’t stand others legitimate criticisms of their poor choices & illegal activities…

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