Dear democrats,

Started: 12 12 2019

Finished: 12 18 2019


Hello. You wouldn’t have recognize me because I’m one of those plain looking white guys who works to pay off his bills, pay off debts & raise my kids. I’m that guy in the pick up truck who has nearly aged to 50 who your 20 something followers call a ‘fascist’, a ‘racist’, a ‘nazi’ that kind of guy who doesn’t blindly follow the dnc / socialists and who thinks your crappy propaganda is a lie.


That white guy who your black followers call a ‘cracker’ who accuse me of being a ‘racist’, ‘white devil’ because of my skin color, oh you know, that guy who has supposed ‘privilege’ who grew up in the 1970s who avoided using the term ‘ni**er’ because that was how I was raised by my ‘boomer’ Parents and blessed Grandparents.


You know those Gen X-ers who paid attention in High school about history who ignored the humanism class & left leaning crap that my old teachers tried to program me with.


That guy who didn’t know  what terms like fag, gay, lesbian were in the 1980s & 1990s. Because I was too busy enjoying my life and not getting programmed by school or the media. That guy who would out live most of the lgbt persons in my graduating class and who would later find out who had died from cancer, hiv / aids and so forth.


That guy who joined the US Marines at 18 who thought I could go far in the Military only to find out that it was a scam. I dealt with verbal, physical abuse, torture and bullying by grown men who I should have trusted but were not trust worthy of my time or energy.


That guy would watched the Bushes fade away to reveal the criminal Clintons who you dnc-ers ‘fan girl’ over who are basically red neck criminals who support everything I despise in the dnc such as: abortion, moslem politicians’, lgbt propaganda, socialism and more.

You know that guy who is vilified by those teenagers and twenty something’s in those bastion of progressive think tanks in colleges and big cities where your media lie to the American public about socialism, the idea of raising high taxes to pay for ‘free’ education, health care and so much more. The idea of lgbt ‘rights’ that actually hurt those in organized Churches due to lgbt friendly propaganda that insist that gay, lesbian, bi, trans are created by God. The idea that Churches and other organized religious groups have to bow the knee according to unfair and biased laws that could potentially make Freedom of Religion, expression, and so forth illegal. All because you want to have us ‘religious’ folk to be ‘inclusive’ with people who may or may not actually believe in the concept of God.


I’m that guy who looks at your Anti-Cop / Police Officer hate and notices that your not capable of policing the many crime ridden areas and that you legalize dangerous drugs and even want to legalize prostitution because you think that will solve crime. When it doesn’t.


I’m that guy that sees how you make homeless people to be a political tool and not a group of people that should be taken by force off the streets and housed is medical facilities to get them off of drugs, or mental illness or whatever causes them to not live within some kind of standard for civilized living.


Apart from all of that is the idea to impeach Trump because he “SUPPOSEDLY” broke some laws. You know those laws that your own members probably don’t follow either! You know all those campaign rules and laws that the bidens should have been arrested for or the clintons. The very laws that obama ‘supposedly’ broke too. Oh but let’s not talk about that.


Let’s not talk about how you should actually be fixing the systems of the USA for EVERYONE and not just your globalist / leftist constituents who don’t give a **it about people like me because I’m not wealthy or have a darker skin tone or whatever crap du jor idea that is popular among your people.


In a way I’m glad my 2 sets of Grandparents aren’t around anymore to see that the political party they voted for all their lives went from a political party who supported the handicapped & elderly to the left leaning quasi-socialist, Marxist idiots who don’t care about the problems, issues, needs of Blue collar tax payers. The same tax payers who are revolting against their policies and high taxes with the voting booth.


Even now you are trying to get rid of Trump by impeachment. Allow me to point out the following…




WE the tax payers SHOULD / COULD demand for your resignation from the Senate & Congress because you ARE NOT SERVING US! You are serving other UN-AMERICAN groups.


WE the tax payers DEMAND that you do your job WITHOUT left leaning biases or WE DEMAND YOU GET OUT OF POLITICS!


WE DEMAND STRONG LEADERS to stand up to foreign and domestic enemies! IF YOU CAN’T DO THAT, GET OUT OF POLITICS!


WE DEMAND a STRONG Economy where we can work, be employed and have more raises and gather more money.


WE DEMAND that you build border walls, PROSECUTE ILLEGAL CRIMINALS, GANGS, CARTELS and anyone else who is against us Americans!


WE DEMAND that you no longer use racism as a excuse for your constituents bad behaviors and choices!




If you as a collective party can’t do any of that.




I can promise you democrats I WILL always vote AGAINST you until the day I die because you are no longer Americans. You are EVERYTHING I HATE in this world & I will do my utmost to get rid of your influence in the Washington state area & eventually out of the USA!




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