My response to a progay apostate using Matthew 22:36-40

July 2014:


While doing some brief research about why Christians are afraid of the lgbt leftists I viewed this apostates rant.



“Why Jesus Loves LGBT People and Gay Marriage Doesn’t Exist”

“Posted: 07/31/2012 12:00 pm”

“Mastin Kipp. Founder, The Daily Love”



Really? This nutter is going to use Matthew 22:36-40?


But let’s back up for a second. This articles author asks…


” But as far as I can tell, there is nothing in the Red Letters of The Bible where Jesus preaches against homosexuality. It’s just not there. If it is, please show me so that I can stand corrected.”


Here is another example of those progay apostates trying to fit their worldviews on Jesus as both Jew and God. What worldviews am I referring to? That God somehow blesses gay lives, gay rights, gay marriage and the fallacy of gay identity. We humans are born male or female not gay.


Next let’s review his attempt at using the Gospel of Matthew.


Jesus defended MARRIAGE between a man and woman. He taught against lust. He taught against (Jewish) divorce that he witnessed during his life.


Matthew 5:27-32 Jesus teaching on adultery and lust…


Matthew 19:1-9 Further teaching on (Jewish) Divorce…


The complete moral teaching of Jesus is from Matthew 5:1-48 to Matthew 7:1-29. He used various examples from the Law of Moses to create a new morality for both Jew and Gentile. The modern term of homosexual, gay, lesbian, did not exist during the lives of both Jesus and the Disciples.



Now how does this tie into the 21st Century?



Those who teach that gays can be Christian and sodomite sinners are doing more harm than good. After all it is up to them to demonstrate that Jesus would support leftist philosophies such as gay rights or gay marriage. So far there is no proof from scholars that such teachings exist. Despite the liberal christians frequent attacks and criticisms there is nothing in the Holy Bible to support their cause or opinions.



What would Jesus do about this issue?



Jesus as God would call gay men and lesbians to himself and ask them to stop sinning and follow his teachings.


Jesus would heal all those who identify themselves as ‘gay’ in order to bring them back to their original condition of being either male or female.


Jesus would heal those who are infected, dying for the many stds and other diseases that they have contracted due to their many sexual fornications.


Jesus would rebuke those who abuse his teaching to follow /man made philosophies and doctrines of devils.


Jesus as God requires adherence to his moral teachings and his example how can anyone claim that Jesus is gay or would support gay marriage / gay rights when there is no textural proof of their claims?


Lets go back to the liberal authors misuse of Matthew 22:35-40. Jesus was answering a Pharisee ‘lawyer’ about the Law of Moses. Out of 613 Commandments by God and Moses only two were the most important according to Jesus. Love of God and Love of people. This liberal author can’t possibly mean that we are to ‘love’ our neighbor and do immoral activities with them? Of course he doesn’t… Instead he equates love with allowing our neighbors to do immoral sex and such in the context of gay relationships somehow thinking that we as Christians and the rest of secular society should allow gay men to marry other gay men and lesbians to marry other lesbians. All in order to accept the cultural suicide of leftist ideology and liberalism.



Obviously gay marriage / gay rights has nothing to do with these Scriptures so for any ‘progressive’ / liberal Apostates to convince us that they are right and the rest of us are wrong is hilariously redundant.


My advice to ‘progressive’ and other ‘social christians’ stop trying to propagate sin for the sake of your liberal cause. Your arguments using the Scriptures to promote immorality is killing Christianity and making more enemies within the ‘right’ including Christians like myself.

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