Reasons why moslems should convert to Christianity

Reasons why moslems should convert to Christianity

originally written: 07-29-2013


An individual recently asked the following question on my blog search engine.

“reasons islam should convert to Christianity?”

What could my reasons possibly be?

  • Reason 1: The Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible with it’s many places & people has been proven because of history, science and archeology. Not so with the quran.

The Bible with both the Old testament and New testament stories are from actual places and can be verified by looking at maps. Not so with the quran.

The Holy Bible existed before the quran. It’s authors were human beings that wrote down collections of history, songs, prophecy, philosophy that rival and even eclipse the quran. These various authors were influenced by God and not men.

  • Reason 2: God

God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the loving, caring God that actually created every human being on earth. This includes moslems.

God has done many modern miracles including bring back Jewish Israel to their homeland.

God cares and loves his human creation. He has not given any one group specific favor over another. This means that God has not given particular favor for the ‘arabs’ over non muslims.

As God Jesus could do things no moslem could do. Jesus heals those who call unto him, Jesus can raise the dead, Jesus can bring spiritual peace to those who worship him, Jesus fulfilled prophecies , Jesus as God will not destroy Christianity (unlike ‘isa’ who will try to destroy Christianity and fail.) but will bring ALL PEOPLES to himself and be their LORD & KING and call all those who deny him to follow him or will be their judge and allow them to burn in the prison known as hell.

God requires Christians to care for everyone. This can include feeding programs for those too poor to buy food. Helping criminals to stay out of jail. Helping to get drug addicts off of their favorite drugs. Helping those who struggle with gay / lesbian lifestyle choices.

  • Reason 3: Prayer

Instead of ritualized prayer like catholics and moslems.

Christianity has no specific place or time to pray.

Christians do not have a ritualized prayer. The can simply ask God for specific needs at any time day or night.

  • Reason 4: Morality.

In the West we believe that Marriage was to be a permanent contract between One Man and One Woman. The secular atheists are the ones guilty of forming ‘gay marriage’ and allowing for quick legal divorces. Such things go against Gods specific plans for human beings.

We as Christians do refrain from lusts that damage our minds but damn our souls.

We as Christians donot support immoral activities such as drug and alcohol use/ abuse, pornography, fornication, etc.

  • Reason 5: Secular Government VS Theocracy.

The history of islamic theocracy is one of bloodshed, thievery, murder and criminality. Where non muslims are treated with distain, abused and killed.

While under a democracy… All people are to be treated fairly under the same laws. No matter what their race, religion, skin color…

Christians, Jews, Atheists and moslems benefit financially, professionally, religiously, and personally under the same Law that allows them to be Free than caged under Theocratic laws.

As individuals under a Democracy we have the same rights like:

Freedom of religion

Freedom from religion

Freedom of thought

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of media

Freedom of movement / travel


  • Reason 6: The Afterlife.

We as Christians will eventually die. BUT…

Christians are destined to rule the world as immortal people. We will never get old, get sick, Get killed.

We will rule as Gods servants over a new world that will bring all of humanity under a TRUE Theocracy where God will be our King.

(Revelations 21:1-27, 1-21)

  • Reason 7: Criminality in the name of islam.


Jihad, nikah, slavery, sexual slavery including rape, abuse of wives & females and many other activities in islam as a religion / culture are either illegal or SHOULD BE illegal in EVERY WESTERN COUNTRY because of the sheer amount of satanic abuse and victims that such activities produce. Almost daily there are horrific stories of moslem abuse of women, children, religious groups and others. How can such atrocities make a person holy or get right with God? It doesn’t… It makes the islamic system look and sound satanic!

These amateur reasons are not a complete list but a biased starting point on why moslems should leave islam before it’s too late for them all…

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