EVP the modern ouija board

On multiple ‘ghost-hunter’ tv shows the use of EVP recordings to contact the supposed ‘dead’ are used as evidence by so-called paranormal investigators. But what or who is answering them?

EVP is defined as…

“Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) Explained”

“Oct 12, 2010 Erin McDougald-Williams “

“An Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or commonly referred to as EVP, is defined as a noise that closely resembles speech. Ghost hunters attempt to capture an EVP by using digital recording devices that pick up low band frequencies. It is believed that spirits communicate on such a low band frequency that the human ear does not hear them when they actually occur. This is why investigators use digital recorders to investigate so they can go back and listen for possible disembodied voices.”


Instead of the age old ‘ouija’ board and the use of spiritism and mediums to hunt and communicate with ‘ghosts’ those individuals and groups are using various forms of technology to communicate with the dead.

The basic premise of recording EVP is to go into a ‘haunted’ location or SUPPOSED haunted location to talk to spirits and record their vocal responses. This type of activity is featured frequently on ghost-hunting tv shows like “Ghost adventures (USA), Ghost-hunters (USA), Most Haunted (UK)” and many more.

On many of the digital or other audio recordings the ‘investigator’ records brief responses to questions, screams, singing, coughing, grunts, groans and other types of noises recorded in darkened rooms, corridors etc at multiple locations around the World.

These type of ‘evidences’ are collected and saved usually on computer files with specialized computer programs created to analyze the sounds made during the period of investigation. These ‘evidences’ can then be put online, on tv shows etc to promote ghost-hunting, spiritism.

So far no skeptic can totally explain away every noise that is recorded at these supposed ‘haunted’ locations. However there is the possibility of fakery which can be found on youtube videos of so called EVP sessions and of course tv shows like MTV’s former program “FEAR”.

The Dangers of EVP:

As a mere skeptic and a Christian there are concerns I have about the constant use of EVP sessions.

Concern one:

The supposed spirits that are recorded in EVP sessions are in reality not human souls but satanic spirits attempting to lead that questioner into deeper spiritual darkness with the questionable occult Theology of ghost-hunting.

I base my Theory on the following Torah Scriptures:

Ecclesiastes 9:5-6

Ecclesiastes 12:7


Concern two:

It is my experience that abandoned buildings, cemeteries, ruins, occupied green belts have been used by demonic forces for many years as meeting areas, haunts or spiritual bases for satanic spirits. For those who have felt fear and the ‘sense’ of being watched are being monitored by unseen satanic forces.

Concern three:

The spirits that are called, commanded or drawn to those who use EVP to investigate such ‘haunted’ phenomenon are imitating their long dead human assignments and are now looking for new victims to manipulate and deceive.

Concern Four:

Of the EVP sessions I have listened to on youtube those entities that are making sounds or answering investigators questions donot sound like human beings. The spirits responding to a investigators questions simple answers, growls, screams, swear words and threats.

During EVP sessions There are NO hopeful responses by the ‘spirits’ to being dead:

 like seeing God and Jesus,  Making statements regarding no suffering and pain and more. It’s as if these empty spirits are without hope. Quite possible because of their former choices as angels.

What can Christians do about ghost-hunting and EVP?

First: We should become aware about what ghost-hunting investigators use as equipment and occult beliefs in order to investigate ‘ghosts’.


Second: We Christians should be available to those in the ghost-hunting community to provide answers raised by those investigators and any provided EVP of what is behind the entity leaving behind EVP’s and whatever messages it is giving those in the ghost-hunting community. Particularly if that message is Anti-Christian.


Third: We Christians must be willing to address ghost-hunters and their questions and be available to help with Spiritual Warfare according to Ephesians 6:10-19 to those who believe their location to be haunted. We should use the examples that Jesus left us in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to rid locations of demonic activity.


Fourth: We as Christians need to create Biblical demonology teachings and defenses to counter demonic attacks and should be willing to provide these teachings and tactics to all those in the Christian church.


Fifth: We Christians should find answers in our Scripture to answer questions about ghosts, ghost-hunting, EVP, mediums, spiritism, demons, demonic activity in order to help those who doubt the ghost-hunting doctrine to get out of it and hopefully join us in the Christian church.

For those of you who want a more Scientific explanation of EVP your welcome to try these posts:

How EVP Works

by Stephanie Watson







These posts may or may not provide better answers in regarding the subject of EVP.


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