A jihadist rumor maker and urinals

Originally  Published on: Sep 21, 2008 @ 23:27

The following post comes from a ‘jihadist’ who uses ‘propaganda & rumor mongering to promote hatred against the ‘Zionists’ or Jews.

“Women in Jilbab Shaped Toilet Bowl In Israel”


“Israel is once again humiliating the Muslims by making fun of the Islamic symbols.”

“The Israeli mass Media recently published a photo of toilet bowls produced by a certain company, shaped in “Women In Jilbab”.

“This type of toilet bowl to facilitate urination, according to the Israeli mass Media are selling very well in the Israeli market.”

“A number of sources as cited by Albawaba, reported that the shape of the toilet bowl was purposely aimed at humiliating the Islamic symbols and the Muslims.”

“The first productions originated from the US and then imported by Israel. Now, toilet bowls of this shape can be commonly found in Israel.”

“Sorry to say, but how lowly is the attitude of the people of these two nations (Christian U.S. – Zionist Israel), they have no respect for other people’s religions. They can never stop poking fun at others. Little do they realize that their actions only reveal their immorality further. You can never find the Muslims doing likewise, the Muslims don’t insult other faiths or the lack of it thereof. We don’t behave like immature or retarded people.”

“On a different note, the shape of a woman in Jilbab looks a lot like the standard dress code of Virgin Mary, so by insulting the Muslimah in Jilbab, it was as if they are insulting St. Mary as well. If the designer was Jewish, that could be the intent as the Jews feel such contempt for this pure woman as blasphemed by their Torah. Just look at the toilet bowls pictured above, doesn’t they resemble the statue of St. Mary more? Can’t the Christians who partnered with the Jews see this??? “

“Submitted by a Mujahid”


Ok… Now if you look at the pic of the ‘muslimas in thier hijabs’ it doesn’t look right… Next it looks oddly enough like a Catholic nun in a ‘habit’…

The other problem for this moronic jihadist. NO LINK OR REFERENCE!

No SANE person would manufacture a men’s urinal in the shape of a moslem symbol or moslem man or woman, Christian cross, Jewish Star of David etc… Now I’m not sure WHY this was created. It could be a secular art show project. However it was a perverted idea…

Here are 2 bloggers that refute this Anti-Semite jackass:



I think its worth mentioning that no one seems to know where pic came from… Until now…

Here are the links:


It appears among several comedic bathroom sinks & urinals in European & American (?) men’s rooms

Other links include:


I have noticed that the ‘Mujahid’ does insult Christians, Jews, with thier posts on thier blog / website so thier claims that they dont are lies.

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