Christian culture and Christmas

Christmas is another holiday that ‘legalists’ love to hound we regular Christians about.

Yes we can agree that the catholics did borrow alot of traditions from dead paganism and those traditions became the Christmas holiday. The more important Question is: “Is Father, Son and Holy Spirit offended by Christians celebrating Christmas?” Or is it the offense of the legalists trying to kill off that holiday?

Neither myself nor the legalists speak for God. We speak for ourselves alone. That is why people have to seek the Holy Spirit and their own conscience to make the choice to celebrate ANY holiday or not.

For myself and my family Christmas is about our Family and enjoying a holiday. And while we enjoy our Christmas we talk about Jesus being born not on 12-24/25 but in general God as man who came to live a greater life than any other person born on this planet.

Instead of the legalists going forth to proclaim the Gospel to this fallen world they’d rather complain about it and call their fellow believers ‘pagan’ and fight those of us who keep that holiday with un-necessary teachings online.

Yes we can also agree that the commercialization of Christmas and ALL AMERICAN holidays is a real pain. It is filled with nonsense of ‘santa claus’, reindeer, elves and all the other myths and traditions that have been stacked onto Christmas by a secular world.

We as Christians must pull together and place aside our differences in order to fullfill what Christ Commanded us all to do. Bring this world to him so that the unsaved can be saved.

Please read:

Matthew 28:18-20

Mark 16:15-18

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