Sources of the Quran

I first read the quran from the mentality of a skeptic in 2006-7. The major reasons for my skepticism was because of youtube videos created by muslims. Now that I have compared islam from the regards of history, archeology, ideology and ritual. I am quite convinced that there are major issues within the system.


While I read the quran I noticed several things that gave me more questions than answers.


I eventually found the below website and ebook…


I AM NOT the author of this ebook. I am simply linking it to you as a reference for Anti moslem research.



“Sources of the Quran”







“1. Sources according to Moslem Divines”



“2. Arabian Customs maintained in Islam “



“3. Sabaeans & Subjects taken from Jewish Commentators”


“Cain and Abel “

“Abraham “

“Queen of Sheba “

“Harut and Marut “

“Mount Sinai “

“The Preserved Table”





“4. Tales derived from Heretical Christian Sects-“


“The Seven Sleepers “

“Mariam and Virgin Mary “

“Childhood of Jesus “

“The Heavenly Table “

“The Paraclete “

“The Balance “

“Abraham’s Ascent to Heaven”



“5. .Zoroastrian Subjects-“


“The Miraj: Mahomet’s Ascent to Heaven “

“Paradise and Houries”

“AZazil, the Evil Spirit “

“The Light of Mahomet “

“Bridge Sirat”



“6. The Hanefites”


“Successive Orders of Mahomet for War “

“The Saviour promised by Abraham”




Why does this matter? Because of muslim claims and attacks against Christianity are not based on FACT or Truth but because of bad teachers. Islam came from multiple sources and is not from the same God as Jews or Christians.


If Christians get involved in investigating muslim claims and theology, doctrines etc… and recognize their way of life, beliefs about God, religious ritual, political system, culture differs and in some cases attacks Christianity but also the way Westerners live. The better prepared we can be to counter their ideology, theology and attempts at changing the way we live and worship.

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