Question: “Is sharia law based on the bible”?

Started: 7-20-2016

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Today I received the following question.


“is sharia law based on the bible”


Here is my response.


No. sharia law is not based on the Bible. I’m sure anti-theists / atheists want to assume otherwise but as we shall see they are in the wrong. IF moslem sharia laws were based in the Bible or Jewish Tanakh it would seem to me that such a law system would mean the literal suicide of both groups.


But I digress.

In this post I intend to gather from various sources where sharia came from and will include some history on the Arabs before and during the life of muhammad that will give us clues on where this theocratic law came from.


The supposed history of sharia laws came from the collection of the quran itself. In my research from the writings of mualana muhammad ali (And Others), muhammad had at least 40 scribes that wrote down muhammads sayings. These collections eventually came together to create various versions of the quran over many hundreds of years.

Muhammad himself could not read or write and so in order to create the religion of islam he spoke the various ‘revelations’ and again those were written down and collected by his male followers.

Perhaps you doubt my research. Well.. Then your welcome to read through the thousands of moslem websites, blog posts and printed – published materials that you can find online or in libraries about sharia / islamic law and it’s modern abuses of human rights.


So where does sharia law come from?


First let’s look at some references.


” Sharia Islamic Law from Encyclopedia of Global Studies”

” Shari‘a is often used interchangeably with Islamic law. However, it is important to distinguish it from fiqh, another term sometimes translated as “Islamic law” or “Islamic jurisprudence.” Fiqh originally referred to the mental act of “understanding” something, but it eventually came to mean the specific rulings obtained by understanding and interpreting the Shari‘a sources. Whereas the two basic sources of the Shari‘a (Qur’ān and Sunna) for Muslims are divine in origin, the source of fiqh—which is produced through human effort—is human.”

“The term Shari‘a has come to refer generally to the commands and prohibitions that are found in the Qur’ān and Sunna and those that have been elaborated through fiqh. This is why the terms Shari‘a, fiqh, and Islamic law are often used interchangeably in the literature. For many Muslims, Islamic law gives form to the Shari‘a principles, norms, values, and instructions that Muslims are expected to follow. It addresses all aspects of a Muslim’s life, from the religious to the ordinary and from the individual to the social.”

…” Sources of Shari‘a”

“The Qur’ān, which Muslims hold to be the Word of God, is the first and most important source of Shari‘a. It has always been the central legal source for Muslims, although it was not in the form of a legal code. While the Qur’ān was being revealed through the prophet Muhammad over a 22-year period (610–632 CE), it served as an ongoing source of instruction for the emerging Muslim community. Muslims have always seen a close connection between Islamic law and the Qur’ān because of the Qur’ān’s concern to provide rules and regulations to govern the Muslim community.”

“The second source of Shari‘a is the Sunna, the normative behavior of the prophet Muhammad. In pre-Islamic times in Arabian societies, the concept of following a sunna, or the ways of certain well-respected people, was common, and it was seen by these societies as a way to provide standards for later generations. As such, the prophet Muhammad’s Sunna could not have been ignored by his immediate followers.”



…”Development of Islamic Law”


“Islamic law as we know it today was developed and established over hundreds of years, beginning during the prophet Muhammad’s lifetime. The first stage of its development occurred during the prophetic period when the Qur’ān was being revealed (610–632 CE). Through the Qur’ān, God gave the early Muslims “laws,” establishing, among other things, the rituals of prayer, fasting, and pilgrimage and setting down a number of rules to govern society. These were intended to realize certain ideals in the community—for individuals to develop a sense of right and wrong and consciousness of God in their daily lives and transactions and, more broadly, to establish a just and compassionate community. Although some of these “laws” were specific rulings, others were simply broad principles and values.”




(The following reference portions are from a online book I found locally through a local library)


Now… Did you notice the text of this previous reference?


“The Qur’ān, which Muslims hold to be the Word of God, is the first and most important source of Shari‘a…”


This is important!


Why do I say that?


1 While the quran has combinations of Jewish & Christian scriptures (And More) it doesn’t contain the entirety of Gods Law (Law of Moses). This means that muhammad would have to had his followers copy everything out of the Torah / Tanakh in order to have a theocratic law system.


Had early moslems copied the Law of Moses, then sharia would easily be seen from both a Jewish & Christian view as a copy of the Jewish system and viewed as a fraud created by muhammad and his followers.


Under sharia this should have meant that both groups should have had better rights and a equal say in both legal and criminal cases during and after muhammads life & death. Because muhammad tried to bring all three groups together under one rule. This should have meant the Christians, Jews & moslems should have been equal under muhammads system.


Instead it is well known the historical abuse of sharia against both Christians & Jews and how moslems were viewed normally as superior to either religious groups not through Jewish or Christian eyes but solely the opinion of moslems themselves.


Here is why this is important.

I will assume most of you have read the quran. IF Not… Please find a copy at your local library or read it online and take notes on the differences and frauds that muhammad spoke and his followers wrote of.


Because in having the quran written by various scribes it is clear that muhammad and his scribes re-wrote Jewish & Christian Scriptures & added multiple other doctrines in order to appear that muhammads quran is revealed.

This poses a problem for moslems because in the quran it attacks the ‘people of the book’ with multiple false accusations.


2 The quran.



In previous blog posts I’ve written a lot about what is in the quran and demonstrated that it’s contents are fabricated and as I already mentioned muhammads scribes re-wrote both Jewish & Christian Scriptures . This means that contents of the quran and not from God but from muhammad and his ghost writers (Aka Scribes).


Had muhammad and his followers actually followed either the Jewish Tanakh or the Christian Scriptures they would not have the bloody history of attacks, murders, rapes, thievery and more criminal acts against Jews, Christians and many other religious groups and whole Nations.


This would mean that islam would not be what it is today but a sect of Judaism and they would be following Moses & the OT Prophets with those Commandments and Theocratic laws not criminal violence and warfare.


Also if muhammad and his followers followed after Jesus and the Disciples they would have chosen to follow Jesus Commandments & Doctrines including everything written by the Disciples instead of criminal violence and warfare.


Instead muhammad, his scribes & moslem followers used the quran to insist that they were blessed by their god allah to do evil to all Non moslem nations because of muhammads commandments and actions through the hadiths, suna etc.


Fellow Christians who are skeptical of moslem claims have their own posts about the subject of sharia laws. Please feel free to read them…



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Islamic laws… like islam itself is syncretistic because it borrowed from many sources. This means that Muhammad himself is to be blamed for ancient and modern sharia laws and it’s failure in modern society. Not Christians or Jews.

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