Sorry facebook I won’t be posting the red equal sign

With apologies to my many classmates & family members who are posting the ‘red equal sign’ on their facebook or twitter to somehow say you support ‘gay marriage’.

I reserve the right to ‘hide’ your posts because trying to push ‘marriage equality’ on me through the law is unethical and in my views illegal. And this includes using your facebook account for that purpose.

I don’t believe gays deserve specialized rights for a lifestyle that will eventually kill them.

I don’t believe that their views should be forced upon me by force of law.

I don’t believe that I should be forced to teach any of my 3 kids that their views are right even under the law because science itself has shown that their ‘lifestyle’ is unhealthy and as I said before it could kill them.

I believe that marriage is for one man and woman alone. All civilizations that have risen were based on that one concept and I see no reason to change or challenge that.

Facebook friends and family Sorry I just don’t have any desire to join you ‘sheeple’ in something that will change Marriage for the worse and force me to pay higher costs in insurance and medical services.

Now here is what I support.

Gay men should be couples.

Lesbian women should be couples.

Each individual that chooses that lifestyle should have safe sex and hopefully have long term relationships.

But marriage? Sorry… No.


News stories about this.

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For those of you who are offended with me about this issue. Consider this… I don’t need ‘religious’ arguments to be agianst homosexual rights and marriage. All the information I need… comes from science and the pro-gay movement.

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