More reasons to distrust ghost hunting shows on tv

Just found this on youtube this week  (July 2012). How interesting…

From the text of the youtube video.

“Uploaded by moviedan on Oct 10, 2011”

“Former “Ghost Hunter” Donna LaCroix recalls her difficult time as a cast member on Syfy’s top rated show.”

Here is why I am bringing this up.

I believe that many ‘reality’ ghost hunting shows are faking their evidence. Just like MTV’s old show “FEAR”. This means that the video evidence presented by the various groups is either faked or re-created using special effects.

I recognize that some evidence is actual and factual. But the more and more ghost hunters manufacture their evidences it makes the whole ‘ghost hunting’ cult look like a bunch of religious nutters or supernatural quacks or ‘snake oil salesmen’.

IF ghost hunting groups are REALLY serious about their ‘craft’ they should quit trying to sell the supernatural as they do online and on tv and be willing to refute their skeptics or simply get off the grid till they can refute people like me.

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