Do gay Christians exist? and What should the church do for them?

I am posing the title of this post as a question and I’d like you… the reader… to answer it in your own heads. You don’t need to comment unless you want to.

I have been reading various books by ‘gay allies’ and gay men who struggle with the homosexual lifestyle who claim to be Christian.

And here is my thesis about the matter of being ‘gay’ in the Christian church.

We as Christians & as people have specific personal sins. For those of us who are ‘sex addicts’ we have to struggle in our flesh against those sexual thoughts and actions. A individuals sexuality is based on their particular lusts through sexual contact from another person.

For gay men it will be their lust and attraction to other gay men.

For someone such as myself it is the attraction to females past & present (Notably my Wife).

Because I am human I cannot tell who is a “TRUE” Christian from another. And in this case those who claim to be ‘gay Christian’. What I can do is to test their theories & to see if their teachings measure up to what the Scriptures have taught us as Christians.

‘gay Christians’ exist in the sense that their are fellow believers who struggle with homosexual lusts. These lusts are not any different to heterosexual fornications. And as previously unsaved men and women we too were once under Gods judgment for our lusts.

We as Christians donot need to change our Churches into gay friendly sanctuaries trusting that somehow we are doing the ‘right thing’ be being politically correct or other forms of liberal Churchianity.

Instead we should ‘love’ our fellow believers by the raising moral standards in their lives to resist sins of sodomy & lesbianism. We should encourage them to live their lives like Jesus. Not to be alone and easy pray to their flesh nor to the world.

We as Christians should encourage our gay Church members to seek celibacy not because of cruelty or similar negative reasons but to preserve their lives instead of catching any of the dreaded diseases that have claimed the lives of millions of gay men & women.

We as fellow Christians should put aside our bigotry and hatreds and try to teach our fellow Church members that gays can be in our churches and to be treated with the same respect & kindness as our fellow believers.

And yet we as a Church body must insist that gay relationships & gay marriage are not part of Gods plan and those who mistakenly teach otherwise are not teaching the Bible but mans flawed philosophy.

As Christians we must remember that Romans 1:18-32 is for today not just during Paul’s lifetime. We as Christians need to remind this world that lust & fornication do bring dire consequences both in our present Church buildings & in this world we all share.

We as Christians need to encourage our weaker members to abstain from their lusts no matter if gay or straight.

James 4:1-12

1 John 2:15-17

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