Question: “Does Gay Marriage Redefine Christianity?”

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“Does Gay Marriage Redefine Christianity”

“Tiffany Buckner-Kameni”

“Atlanta Christian Relationships Examiner”

“June 27, 2015 5:28 AM MST”

“Man’s laws are not God’s truth!”

“June 26th was a day of celebration for some and a day of grieving for others. I woke up late this day and logged into my Facebook account and my timeline was overflowing with grievous posts about the supreme court ruling that now allows gays to marry in all 50 states. My heart was troubled, but I can’t say that I was surprised; after all, we’ve seen a lot of changes in these last few years, changes that go against the very heart of Christian beliefs. I scrolled down my timeline, fighting against that oh so familiar urge to throw my two cents in, but anything I could think of saying had already been said.”

“I don’t support gay marriage; I support the uncompromising Word of God and marriage as God has designed it. That goes without saying. Nevertheless, we have to remember that the wheat and the tares are different, even though they look the same to the naked eye. It’s not our jobs as believers to separate the wheat from the tares. Instead, God calls us to be a light to this dark world, but somehow, we’ve gotten lost ourselves and our lights tend to flicker on and off. Because of this, the world no longer respects Christianity. Below are five things I believe the church needs to address so that we can find our way back to holiness:”

“1 All sexual sin is sin…period! A fornicator’s hell won’t be any hotter than a gay man or woman’s hell! Somehow we’ve gotten off track. We tend to rank sins based on how common they are. For example, fornication is common in the world and the church, and because of this, the church has long turned a blind eye to its shacking and adulterous leaders and members. Please know that the leader of a church is the head of that church, and whatever’s wrong with the head is going to be wrong with the body! We have to get back to rebuking all manners of sin! After all, homosexuality is nothing but a perverse spirit, but guess what? The spirit of perversion is behind every form of sexual immorality! You see, we often allow that spirit in the church when it’s familiar to us, but when it manifests in a different way, that’s when we start talking! The spirit of perversion is a demonic spirit that manifests in many ways, and homosexuality is simply one of its manifestations. In other words, we’ve waited far too long to start speaking out! We should have been coming against sexual immorality when it was more commonly practiced between a man and a woman! Nevertheless, it’s not too late. We simply need to change our ways and find our way back to holiness.”


“2 The church has been Ahab’ed for a long time. In Revelations 12:20, Christ rebuked the church of Thyatira for tolerating Jezebel, but as we know, the infamous Jezebel who’d married Ahab and killed many of God’s prophets had been dead for more than eight hundred years when Christ came into the earth, so who was the Lord speaking of? Answer: The spirit behind the Babylonian system this country is in submission to. The United States of America’s system is setup much like the Babylonian system, and many of its residents unknowingly submit to the spirit of Baal. Baal worship involves many gods (devils), and one of its principle beliefs is the worship of the flesh. Basically, Baal worshippers believe in giving their flesh whatever it wants, whereas, God commands us (His children) to be led by the Spirit and not by the flesh. Nevertheless, because of the love of money and the fear of man, many churches have allied themselves with the devil by putting their churches under a system that the law has no power to make the church submit to. For example, churches are the only organizations that are automatically tax exempt, but many leaders register for 501c3 status because they believe that this will help them to get more money. The devil is a liar! You see, registering a church as a 501c3 organization basically takes that church from being above the system and places it under the system, whereas, that church becomes the property of the state! Nowadays, many of our church leaders lust after power and money so much that they allow this world’s perverse leaders to use their churches to campaign for governmental offices. This, of course, has taught the sheep to involve themselves in matters of a world that God has told them to separate themselves from, and because of this, the church has been Ahab’ed. Many churches are now regarded as the property of the states they’ve registered under and must submit to the laws of that state. How does this make many of today’s churches modern day Ahabs? It’s simple. Ahab was supposed to be the head of his home, but he married a wicked, pagan woman and she took his spot. Ahab then wore the title of a king without having the authority of a king. He sat on the throne as a king, but Jezebel ruled in his place. The church has done this as well. The government was NEVER supposed to have power over the church, but instead, we were supposed to have power over the government, but because we’ve allowed ourselves to be demoted, this pagan world now attempts to control the church! Jehoshaphat did the very same thing. He allied himself with Ahab, and more than likely, he did this out of fear and greed. He saw the power and the riches that Ahab and Jezebel had, and even though they killed God’s prophets, Jehoshaphat, being a man of God, allied himself with the devil, and for that, God judged him.”


“3 The world does what the world does…the church is to have no part in it! The problem today is that the church has conformed to the world, rather than leading unbelievers to be transformed by the renewing of their minds. It’s not uncommon to go into a church and find a hip hop artist bouncing around on the church’s stage, proclaiming his love for the Lord, all the while, dawning a spirit of pride, and no one says a word. The spirit of pride is the demon behind hip hop, along with the thug spirit! The thug spirit aka thuggee originated in India, and somehow, made its way to America. Nowadays, many of our youth are channeling this spirit, but rather than rebuking and leading them to Christ, we have allowed them to lead us into the world, and when questioned, many leaders will defend their actions by saying that they’re trying to reach the youth. God told us not to conform to this world! There’s a reason behind every command He has given us, nevertheless, many churches go with what’s popular rather than trying to teach others to follow the standard of holiness.”


“4 Church folks watch the same shows and worship the same celebrities that the world does! Didn’t God warn us to not have any gods before Him? Didn’t He tell us to remain holy? Didn’t He tell us to remain separate from this world? Honestly, I try not to speak too much on such matters because there are so many secular people in the church wearing titles that you’re pretty much guaranteed to receive backlash, but I don’t care. My allegiance is to YAHWEH, and as such, I have to uphold the standard of holiness, the original Word of God and not this revised doctrine that’s become so popular in many of today’s churches.”


“5 Today’s church looks just like the world! Today’s church sounds just like the world! Today’s church will come against any and everyone who does not support their religious justifications for staying in the world. The church has been quiet for a long time. When Madalyn Murray O’hair petitioned to get prayer out of school, many in the church said little to nothing. There weren’t many believers standing at the courthouses, holding up signs supporting the Word of God. There weren’t many believers pulling their children out of classes and homeschooling them. Instead, many in the church did what’s so common for the church to do now: They talked amongst each other, but did nothing.”

“Nowadays, we are sitting around and watching the bible’s prophecies unfold before our eyes, and this scares most of us. We can clearly see what’s coming, but there aren’t many people willing to do anything about it because of fear. Instead, we hide behind our computers and tell the people on our social media pages how disgusted we are with the world, but what are we doing about it? Absolutely nothing! Complaining has NEVER bound a demon and ridiculing a sinner has NEVER made that sinner want to come to Christ! The enemy even has many of our leaders speaking wickedly towards unbelievers, rather than drawing them in love! For example, I’ve seen leaders refer to gays as “fags” instead of offering them deliverance! This is nothing but a setup from the enemy! Christianity is slowly being regarded by this pagan world as a hate group because we speak against what they are for, and ordinarily this wouldn’t be a problem if we’d separated ourselves from them or if we attempted to draw them in love, while walking in our God-given authority. The world is worried about our opinions because WE HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THIS WORLD AND OVERRIDE EVERY WICKED LAW THAT’S BEEN ESTABLISHED if we’d only unite and stop chasing prophecies about cars, homes and husbands. So now, the enemy has gotten so many of our leaders to dumb down and submit to this world, and he now wears their authority like a colorful garment. So many of our leaders gather souls into their churches by promising them the desires of their hearts, but rarely offering them the deliverance they’ll need to get it. This causes so many people to become religious worshippers of Mammon, and these unchanged souls go to the church building looking to see what God is offering them. They aren’t coming because they love the Lord and want to serve Him. They come because they want to know what He has for them.”

“So, does gay marriage redefine Christianity? No. Misled leaders, false prophets, false apostles, and every manner of evil that’s crept into the church cannot individually nor collectively redefine Christianity, nor can man change God’s laws. You see, the world told us on June 26th, 2015 what they were going to allow, but this does not make it right with God. The supreme court has no bearing with the Supreme God. God’s definition of marriage is still the same and it involves one man and one woman and no demon in hell or sitting in a courthouse has the power or the authority to overrule God! So, what should we do? We should find our way back to the original, unchanged Word of God and follow it without fail. We should separate ourselves from this world and its system, and that way, we can reclaim the position that God has given us over the system. We are the head and not the tail; we come behind in no good thing! We should stop complaining and start doing something. Updating our Facebook statuses is good, but let’s do something even better: let’s stand by the Word and fight for what is right. Let’s stop watching Empire and Scandal and start investing in Christian films. Let’s stop filling up church buildings that are headed by immoral leaders just because they’re popular. Let’s stop cosigning one sin, all the while, rebuking another. Let’s come against all manners of sin! When we start acting like the church that Christ built, the world will follow suit, but as long as there are divisions amongst us and secularism is popular with us, the world will continue to spiral into the everlasting pit that burns with fire and brimstone, and sadly, they’re gonna take a lot of the church with them. Yes, I’m against gay marriage, but guess what? I’m against homosexuality as a whole! The sin didn’t begin when they legalized gay marriage. The sin is in two same sex individuals lying with one another. I’m also against fornication. Let us remember to hate the sin but love the sinner. Basically, it all boils down to holiness. We, as the church, have to get back to holiness. We can’t embrace unholiness and then try to control the way it manifests. We can’t open the door to let the devil in, and then, tell him how to behave. You simply cannot tell a demon how to manifest. “


“Man’s laws does not change God’s laws.”

“We (believers) are in this world, but not of it.”

“Marriage still has the same definition to God. When the world comes before Him in judgment, He will call them liars, but we must abide in the truth.”

“Love didn’t win at supreme court, but Love did win on the cross!”

“Let us individually find our ways back to holiness so we can come together as one church united for God through Christ Jesus.”

“Don’t be surprised by the doings of this world. Simply make intercession for this world and be sure you are in no ways a part of it.”

“The church has the power to change this world. We’ve got to stop letting the powers of this world change the church!”

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