Why Jesus Words Matter

Started: 12-17-2015

Finished: 6-25-2016

My response to this article.


“What Jesus Said No Longer Applies”

“Posted: 10/27/2015 3:17 pm EDT”





Obviously it’s been a many months since my last post. I copied the following article from this apostate and figured it’s a good time to respond to her article.



In her article she uses a variety of tricks to justify her lesbian marriage by insisting that modern or American Christians are in the wrong for using a ” Bible-alone theology” in order to counter the liberal / progressive version that gay men / lesbians the ‘transgendered’ have any standing within the Christian faith.


The actual terminology that she should be using is “Doctrine” because it is the teachings of modern and Ancient Christians that have countered the bizarre ideas produced by the political / societal left.


After all the ideas she follows is not Biblical Christianity but a philosophy that is not from God but comes from the ideas of man and satan.


But I digress…


In her rant she tries to quote from Matthew 23: and yet neglects a lot about it.


Matthew 23:1-39 is Jesus speaking to his fellow Jews about their leaders in the Sadducees and Pharisees. Where he denounces their many practices and sins.


Many of the items within Matthew 23 has to do with Jewish customs and other items Jesus no doubt had witnessed they many hypocritical activities of power hungry fools.


How does this apply to American Christianity?

The terms that define modern life for gay men and lesbians did not exist during Jesus life. That is not merely philosophy, that is Biblical truth.


To equate modern terminology and philosophy for those who promote progay ideas and to insert such doctrines into Jesus teachings or to take away Jesus teachings is not Biblical teaching but heretical satanic teaching.


To claim that Jesus teaching no longer applies to a Christians life is to make progay propaganda a god breathed gospel and that progay propaganda, doctrines and so forth are somehow related to the Christian Bible. Despite the fact that progay media, propagandists are not from God but satanically inspired persons who dare flaunt their wickedness through human teachers and authors.


Sadly the author of this leftist progay garbage only proves what we already know.


Romans 1:18-32


Many in the progay world of secular media take pleasure in the very acts that give them stds and worse diseases. And yet she and her ‘family’ are somehow Christian?




She and other progay authors easily fit into the false teacher categories mentioned in the Scriptures.


2 Timothy 3:1-9

Galatians 1:8-9

Galatians 5:19-21


No you are not a Christian by rejecting Jesus. You are simply another secular individual making fun of the very one who created you.


Jesus teaching in the Gospels is not for the unsaved world. It is the doctrines modern Christians strive for. And while we live among the pagans we donot accept their philosophy and ideas as fact. We only accept them as people in sin not a separate class of people due to fake identifiers and musings by the corrupt minds of politicians and progay sheeple.

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