My open letter of apology to Rev J.R. Dummelow

This is my attempt at a letter of honest apology to the long dead Reverend Dummelow about his outdated book “The one volume Bible Commentary”. I still question it’s use among non Christian groups since it was written / edited well over 100 years ago.


April 2013 ILOILO Philippines

To Mr. Dummelow: I’d like to apologize for my previous post / comments regarding your co-opted book “The one volume Bible Commentary” written back in 1908 – 1909.

I recently found a copy and bought it and while vacationing in the Philippines I read most of it.

The problem is not you personally but those you chose or were hired to write their views on the many books of the Bible.

Little did you know that multiple Anti-Christian groups would use your commentary to tear into Christianity that you supported during your life.

While the various names you listed held meaning for 1908-1909. They hold no meaning to those of us in the 21th Century.

While your collaborated may have been useful for the early 20th Century alot has changed since its publication making it outdated and worthless.

I have no doubt you meant well when it was published over 100 years ago. However I must question it’s information and the use of it by non Christian groups in order to destroy modern Christianity.

Modern Biblical Commentaries build up the Bible by Evidence from the Sciences themselves. While yours lack strong evidence. Mostly because the information we presently have about the Bible was not researched during your life and did not exist.

I do wish you could see and hear how Science in many ways verifys the writings of the Bible and its authors.

Sadly there is no usable information about you online where if I were to read up on your life & works I might change my mind about your editorial and possible ministry. Till then I remain a skeptic of those who use your book for their own nefarious purposes and a skeptic of your outdated writings.


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