My Skepticism of MTVs ‘Fear’ ghost stories

I have a confession to make. I REALLY enjoyed watching MTVs “Fear” serial! Admittedly I assumed it was mostly true. And like most other fans we enjoyed the thrills and chills that the shows sound effects and special effects produced.

And yes Family channels “Scariest places on earth” started that same year as well…

Years later as I was doing some long over due reading and research about MTVs Fear online I found the following locations that are listed as un-haunted or locations that were used by MTVs producers with faked ghosts and ghost stories.

“Duggan Brothers Cement Factory”


Augusta Military Academy (“Hopkins Military Academy.”)


“Camp Spirit Lake* (Real Location: Camp NoBeBoSco, Hardwick Township, NJ)”

SUPPOSED Camp website:

How do I know “CampSpiritlake” is a fake? Look here:

“CAMP SPIRIT LAKE nothing to fear but fear itself” 

“MTV’s episode of FEAR, “Camp Spirit Lake,” is a fictionalized account of a number of REAL local legends which have been featured in Weird NJ magazine (Home). According to MTV, the show was filmed at an abandoned camp in Panther Valley, NJ, on a road known as Shades of Death. Panther Valley is a real place, as is Shades of Death Road, and the lake on that road is named Ghost Lake (Weird NJ issue #8). There are dozens of terrifying stories about this road and lake which have been featured in Weird NJ, if you’d like to read more about the real legends of this New Jersey landmark go here.”


Episode 4 – Ki Sugar Mill*

According to the story on MTVs website:

“Welcome to the Ki Sugar Mill. Built in 1876 by sugar barons Charles Watson and Donald Howell, the Ki Mill, nicknamed Makaha (the Polynesian word for “gate”) by its employees, was once one of the most successful sugar processing facilities in the South Pacific. It has also been the site of an unexplained number of bizarre deaths and horrific accidents. It consequently suffers from an abnormally high concentration of hauntings and ghostly presences, making it one of the most fertile locations in the world for a paranormal investigation.”

I took the time today (Jan 06, 2011) to watch the episode online. It was cut into three parts.

In the first part of the episode MTV writers create an elaborate and frightening story using the following names of people who know something about the site. The producers interview the following persons to collaborate the so-called hauntings of the site.

“Jackson Curtis”

“Stanley Samson”

“Brain Ross”

“Jerry Osborne”

“Ina Rae Kailiehu”

“Shawn Morrison”

In attempting to research the site no one online has heard of this location. The above “history” by MTVs researchers has provided nothing from online searches. Even the names of the people ‘interviewed’ for the story filmed by MTV have proven inconclusive.

As shocking and bizzare as the ki sugar mill episode was I will safely assume presently it was a fiction story dreamed up by MTVs previous producers.

Yes these previous location names and their stories were faked. While other locations are or were supposedly haunted.

We should always remember that with TV ‘ghost-hunting’ shows are about entertainment and not providing actual proof of ghosts, spirits or other types of ‘things that go bump in the night’.

All the actors and actresses who were paid to be amateur ‘ghost-hunters’ had no occult training nor had any clue on any type of spirit world.

MTV and Family Channel told good ghost stories. Meant to shock and scare us. But what they broadcast was not proof of ghosts nor proof of Anti-Christian theories on the final state of the dead.

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