Will the death of fred phelps change the anti gay movement?


March 20, 2014

As I was heading home from a long day of work I heard over the radio that fred phelps died today.

I first heard of phelps as far back as 2007 when I was on youtube with a channel I named “whyislamsucks”. It was there that I learned of the phelps cult picketing the gravesite services of the many US Soldiers who died fighting the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Those who died in battle are hero’s. Warriors who died fighting for their beliefs in the US way of life. (Even if the US guv was wrong sending them).

‘How disgusting’ I thought as I heard of their madness how a family cult would dare yell at the family of deceased Soldiers with their crappy slogans such as “Thank God for dead soldiers”, “Gods hates fags” and other idiocy.

As I recall these events I find myself realizing how lucky those idiots really are. It would not have been much trouble for disgruntled persons to run them down with a vehicle. Walk over with to their pickets with pistols, shotguns, large knives etc and make them suffer far worse then their words had done.

Fortunately violence never happened to them even if it would have been justifiable in someone’s twisted mind.

Now why do I bring up those brainwashed cultists?

What phelps did with his family of cultists was completely turn gays and their supporters off to any religious criticism of the gay lifestyle and the gay political movement. phelps hateful commentary ended up helping the leftist ideological push for un-necessary rights and to help create a neo-ethnic group out of sodomites and lesbians.

Instead of the populations of the USA and Canada to question the propaganda made up by the left… idiots like phelps only lit a unholy fire to support cultural and societal suicide.

Now that I’ve left a public comment discussing in brief what phelps and his family have done wrong here is how we can make it right.


We provide INFORMATION that counters propaganda of the left. Medical information on the destructive nature of the gay lifestyle is the best weapon we have since our religious faith is not acceptable to the public.

2 DONOT support pro gay / social justice causes when they are counter to American law and morality.

3 Provide mercy to gay men and lesbians which include medical service, psychological services and more in order to bring gays out of their destructive lifestyle and back into a normal way of life.

4 Dare to argue against laws that make gays into a neo-ethnic group and take away their political powers that are changing or have changed society into the haven of ‘tolerance and equality’ when it is neither but simply tolerating a sexual deviancy or fetish masking as a ‘protected group’.

5 ?

Thoughts on phelps…

NO. I am NOT saddened by phelps death.

NOR do I support that dead idiots ideology.

What phelps did was un-Christian. Instead of using the Bible to bring Spiritual life to gays and their political allies calling them to repent of their sins and actions. He brought them misery and hatred of God. Phelps might have believed in God and thought his message was Christian but his words and actions did not support the teachings of Jesus nor did he bring anything of worth to America with his mockery of Military Veterans, fellow Christians and those gay people who COULD have been eased into leaving their chosen lifestyle to get medical help for their activities but to get them into Churches to learn about Jesus and to be taught by the Words of Jesus Christ from the Scriptures.

Instead he has not earned any honors by God or fellow Christians instead he has earned vile hatred of everything he stood for by those who mock him, his children and anyone else who supported his ideological madness not based from Christianity but bigotry, hatred and ignorance.

Rest in peace phelps…

You will be forgotten instead of remembered.

You are hated and not loved.

You failed the Teachings of Jesus and only God knows where your soul went to.

Your satanic hatred of gays has not promoted Salvation of them as Jesus required of all Ministers. Instead you drove them away from God and Christ.

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