My response to Melissa Gallegos Comment on “The Doctrine and Theology of Richard Rives”

Melissa dropped by my blog and left me the following kind comment.

The Doctrine and Theology of Richard Rives

Submitted on 2012/03/16 at 3:49 AM

“Thank you for such a great investigation. My husband has bought the video’s “Too Long in the Sun” and is adamant about not celebrating any holidays. We have two small children who are growing up American and are confused. I explained to my husband that we are not worshipping these “things” they are fictional and are mere entertainment. He thinks Im a sellout. I also continue church on Sunday which he does not agree. He currently does not attend church at all. I was wondering about this guy(Rives) Thank you again”

Thank you for reading my blog! I am thankful our fellow Christians are starting to research about rives claims and finding his claims to be inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus or the Disciples!

I am sorry to hear that your husband has gotten bit by the Theonomy bug. He is a victim like many other well meaning Christians and his plight reminds me of the following teachings of Christ.

Matthew 24:23-27

When we Christians donot read our Bibles, Do what Jesus taught us and go to church on Saturday or Sunday  we are easily swayed into one Theological camp or another. We as Christians can make all sorts of claims but if we are not living according to the teachings of Jesus that we are simply deceived fools.

I too live inAmerica.

When we Christians use Christmas or Easter we are not worshipping the “stuff” and holiday characters. Instead we are using those holidays to teach our fallen world about Jesus. Jesus is whom we worship!

As I have said previously. God is not offended with Christians keeping festival days or Sunday. He is only offended with us when we hurt others and teach falsehoods!

True believers in Christ look to do the work Christ gave us to do.

Matthew 28:16-20

Mark 16:15-18

Its time for Sabbath keepers and Sunday keepers to work together to bring people to God! We must do this to stop the useless fights and debates!

Romans 12:9-21

Romans 14:10-14

May Jesus lead us all into HIS unity and to accept our doctrinal differences!



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