Jesus commanded which day?

Jesus as a Jew followed his community and went to Synagogue on Saturday.

Yet did Jesus command his future Gentile followers to keep Saturday Sabbath?

The answers seems to be No.

Let’s list out of the four Gospels the times Jesus went to Synagogue for Sabbath…

Matthew 12:1-14

Mark 2:23-28

Luke 6:5-11

Luke 13:10-17

Luke 14:1-6

John 5:1-18

Notice WHY the Jewish leaders wanted to kill him? He healed on the Sabbath. Jesus didn’t break Sabbath he broke the traditions involved with it made up by the Jewish Rabbis.

Jesus himself gave us the most important of the Ten Commandments here is the list:

Matthew 22:33-40

Mark 12:28-34

Luke 10:25-28

Notice the Sabbath isn’t included in them. So that begs a question… If Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath and he is the whole reason for Christianity to exist. EG White and other Theonomy ‘teachers’ are wrong about telling others to keep the Ten Commandments or teaching about keeping only Saturday Sabbath as the sole ‘correct’ day of worship. (At least in their warped mentalities.)

In all four Gospels there are still no Commands for Gentiles to keep Sabbath. Hypothetically we can assume that we are to pick a day either Sabbath or Sunday.

Even if the online Theonomy crowd doesn’t like that idea.

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