The 2016 Election

Started: 11-13-2016

Finished: 4-30-2017


I have a confession to make.


I dislike Trump… I didn’t bother to read his books or watch his show. I just didn’t have any opinion on the man at all.




I LOATH the ‘dnc’ and hilary clinton. This includes ALL the demo-craps in office.


Last year I voted 3rd party for a reason. I no longer believe that the republicans can fix the problems that exist in the USA. Am sorry I just don’t.




At the same time I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that the democrats can fix anything either.


Ever since we got obama in the White House I personally viewed the ‘rnc’ as a FAILURE. Of whom could not give us Americans a worthy candidate to vote for then or now


I disliked both political parties and decided to do the only SANE thing I could do.


Vote Conservative.


In other words if you have a legitimate political platform that is not related to the:




leftists / socialists / liberals


Who are against Theocratic systems like moslems

Pro life

Pro Self Defense

Pro Military / Police

Pro Law / Keeping the Laws on the Books

Against gay propagandists

Pro Education

Anti mujahedeen

Pro American jobs

Pro safe American Boarders

Change the immigration laws of the USA to FORCE illegal’s to become Citizens or force them out

Pro Freedoms enshrined in the US Constitution

Pro Employment

And more…


I would consider voting for you.

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