Should Christians owe a apology to lgbt-ers and their allies? My response to a 2014 Article…

Started: Feb 2015

Finished: June 13 2015



Back in 2014 I found the following articles / responses to the following authors opinions…


The article:


“Can gays extend an olive branch Defeated traditionalists should be offered conscientious-objector status”

“December 7, 2014 12:00 AM “

“By Bruce Barron”




And the responses by gay individuals or their allies:



“Do LGBTs Owe Christians an Olive Branch Try The Other Way Around”


“Jay Michaelson”





“Christians Do Not Need an Olive Branch From the LGBTQ Community”

“Sue Kerr Founder and editor, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents”

“Posted:  12/10/2014 11:32 am EST    Updated:  12/10/2014 11:59 am EST”



What is the answer to this quandary?



Businesses owned by Christians will have one of two choices.



1 Leave that business and close up shop due to local / federal laws.


2 Adhere to those local / federal laws and such by selling or providing services to those whom they don’t agree with.



I think that’s fairly simple.



Long before the ‘issues’ lgbt-ers created, the law for each state was clear, you have to do the work you advertise from whatever business you own for anyone and everyone. You couldn’t use race, religion, gender, ‘sexual orientation’, etc as an excuse to not provide whatever service you advertise.


While I applaud fellow Christians to obtain, own and work in many businesses, we as Christians should stay within the laws of the US even if we don’t agree to the homosexual lifestyle / agenda. However unless Christian business owners can change the various laws that are used against us particularly those used to defend homosexuality we either deliver those services those businesses advertise or get out of state or local business entirely.


And of course if we close those businesses the local economy gets effected due to the loss of taxable monies and so forth.



Lgbt-ers don’t owe us anything not even their business.


And we as Christians do not owe anything to lgbt-ers. Why? Because their claims, opinions are not proof that they are a separate gender, ethnic group or any other ‘protected’ class despite whatever the world Governments have to say. They are simply people, persons who used the local / federal laws to create a separate ‘protected’ identity to force a ugly agenda upon everyone. Christian or not.


We as Christians are not the ‘bigots’, ‘homophobes’ we are accused of being. We are standing up for a religious form of morality that the homosexual left and it’s liberal allies have thrown away.


We don’t have to accept their views, opinions, and propaganda. Those man made laws can’t force us to do so.


IF Christians are business owners they have a choice run their business according to man made laws or close them up forever because they have gone against those laws meant to protect everyone no matter on that persons sexual id, philosophical ideology… No matter if we like those laws or not…


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