Cracks in the armor of progay supporters.


A interesting series of articles written by progay supporters against or in favor of punishing ‘homophobes’.





“Freedom to Marry, Freedom to Dissent: Why We Must Have Both”

“A Public Statement – April 22, 2014”








“New Group of Marriage Equality Supporters Calls for Tolerance of Homophobia”

“Posted:  04/24/2014 2:47 pm EDT    Updated:  04/24/2014 2:59 pm EDT   ”

“John Becker ”

“Editor in Chief, The Bilerico Project”





Here’s why this matters.


In order to continue to promote a “Free” society gay rights / gay marriage supporters have to keep within the laws of the USA (Or Elsewhere) and avoid trampling on individual rights and lives of people that stubbornly donot believe in their propaganda and hype.


This of course doesn’t sit well with the deeper ‘leftist’ nutters who promote punishment of all conservatives, Christians and anyone else that donot fit in their dark world view. If it was up to them we should be unemployed and mistreated by gay political elitists.


Which of course means… as I already knew they are the REAL enemy of America and nothing more than idiotic traitors to everything America was based upon.


A society where EVERYONE CAN:


Be employed

Have a Faith in a religion OR NO religion at all

Practice their chosen political party (Even if it is satanic like what we have in the white house now)

Farm and grow food

Marry and produce children

Get educated in schools and get our kids educated in schools

Own and use weapons

Join the Military

Have a bank account

Buy, sell personal property




To take away an Americans rights as the political left have already done and insist that those who are their political enemies are to be punished in a very literal sence means that it is only a matter of time before their kingdom crumbles to the ground.


And several liberal authors are recognizing that trouble is brewing in their misguided little worldview.


“Religious liberty should be a liberal value, too “


“The fight over gay marriage is pitting equality against pluralism. Both are essential. “

“By Michael Brendan Dougherty | March 7, 2014”






“The gay marriage bigots strike again “


“CEO Brendan Eich was chased out of Mozilla for supporting Proposition 8. That’s setting a dangerous precedent. “

“By Damon Linker | 6:12am ET”




“Who are the real gay marriage bigots? “


“A nasty intolerant streak runs through the argument of some gay rights supporters “

“By Damon Linker | March 7, 2014”




To be honest… the politically left isn’t entirely foolish enough to remove all our rights from us. Not merely Conservatives but ALL PEOPLES in the USA. Because IF THEY DO… THEY ARE THE REAL CRIMINALS and that my friends only helps serve their political enemies to get them back down the flag pole.


They question the left needs to ask itself is how badly do they want to fall back into the ideological sewers their philosophies and theories crawled from.


Because you see my friends… When you start making as many enemies as they have already done… No matter if those enemies are religious, conservative, Christian or (?) they quicker we get to put them literally in the prison system and get them of the streets like the perverted nazi wannabes they have made themselves out to be.

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