My response to Alex R’s Comment on ‘The Doctrine of Richard Rives and why I question them’




Yesterday Alex decided to leave me a comment on my post ” The Doctrine of Richard Rives and why I question them” and asked the following questions.



1 “why was it instituted in Gen. 2 and set aside as holy prior to the existence of the Israelite nation?”



2 “Why did God begin the 4th commandment with the word “remember”?



3 “Why does the little horn power attempt to change times and laws (note that the only commandment dealing with time is the 4th commandment)?”



4 “Why does Revelation 14:7 reference the 4th commandment as part of everlasting gospel that must be preached to all the world in the end times?”



5 “Why does Is 66:23, in the context of the new earth, indicate that those in heaven will be worshipping from Sabbath to Sabbath?”



6 “Why does Jesus tell the rich young ruler in order to be saved he must keep the commandments?”



7 “Why are God’s people in Revelation known as those who keep the commandments?”



8 “Why are we told “if you love me, keep my commandments?”



Thanks for visiting my blog and it’s various posts Alex. Those questions you asked aren’t random thoughts but a series of questions that I can answer pretty easily.






1 Genesis 2:1-3 Only point out God rested on the Seventh day. Please notice in the Tanakh & the Christian Bible God did not command any rest for humans on that day till Exodus 20:8-11. Now why is that? It’s because God did not bother to Command his human creation to keep any specific day of rest till Moses.



2 In Gods Theocratic law he wanted his people to ‘remember’ the Sabbath as a day of rest. It was God leading ancient Israel out of Egypt according to Exodus 20: 8-11 & Exodus 31:12-17.



3 In Daniel 7:1-28 we find precise information to your question. The ‘little horn’ or the individual who becomes Anti-Christ THINKS to change times and laws. There is no specific reference to Gods Law. IF you bother to check any number of Christian commentary websites they donot offer any doctrinal reference to the law of Moses.


The 4th Commandment was again for Israel and not the whole of humanity. Unless you can prove otherwise.



4 In Revelation 14:1-20 there are multiple subjects discussed within. Your supposed Sabbath reference is not included therein.



5 I think you know that Isaiah is prophecies for Israel.


As you can read from Isaiah 40:1-31 to Isaiah 66:1-24 God has a specific plan for future Israel and the rest of the human survivors of his wraith. There is no specific Command to keep the Sabbath for Gentiles because it will be enforced upon all of humanity to go Worship God in the City of God.



6 You are referring to Matthew 19:16-26. The rich young ruler outwardly kept the Law of Moses. As you might know the ‘Law’ is 613 Commandments not merely the Ten Commandments. See: Exodus 20:1-26 to Leviticus 27:1-34…


Jesus knowing this individuals heart asked him to sell all his possessions. And upon hearing that statement this self righteous person walked away from Jesus.


Jesus is not asking you as a Gentile to keep Moses Laws he is making a point about a persons self righteousness.


7 The two schools of thought on Revelation 12:17. Either they are the original Jewish followers of Christ who are made up of the 144,000 who also kept the Law of Moses, or Gentile followers who are keeping Jesus Commandments, the Law of Christ. My own belief is that those who keep the Law of God are Jewish followers. The rest of us are the Great Multitude spoken of in Revelation 7:9-17. IF Jesus meant for his Jewish & Gentile followers, Disciples were to keep the Ten Commandments, Sabbath etc his Gospels would have been documented proof of that doctrine / philosophy.



8 I see you have fallen in the typical trap that Theonomist cults create.


Jesus isn’t referring to the Ten Commandments. He is referring to following his teaching. Please see:


IF Jesus was referring to the Ten Commandments than the Bible would have been translated in that way. However when you actually read about the ‘Law’ Jesus gave a series of specific answers to those who believe that the Law of Moses is for Christians.




Matthew 22:33-40 (KJV)


Mark 12:28-33


Luke 10:27


Since Jesus is God whom do you follow? Him or Mans teaching?



The problem of Richard Rives (Pronounced Reeves) doctrines is that they are not compatible with Biblical teachings about the Ten Commandments and the Sabbath. How do I know this? Because both the Jewish Tanakh & The Christian Bible gave me specific answers to any question about the “LOM” (Law of Moses) and the Sabbath. I don’t really need to repeat myself anymore because I have already posted everything that I discovered on my blog for everyone to see.


IF you agree with Richard Rives teachings that makes you part of a Theonomist cult that is needlessly attacking fellow Christians just like Seventh Day Adventists, Church of god (Armstrongists) and various other groups.


Because I feel ‘RR’ is a false teacher not merely because of bias but because of his email teachings & also that his books needlessly attack fellow Christians using atheistic information. His teachings / doctrines are improvable opinions and philosophy that neither Jesus taught nor did the Disciples teach any form of rives doctrines.


I am perfectly fine if you donot believe anything I have discovered in my Bible studies. My only advice for you is to do your own Bible studies and see if what you are reading, hearing matches with what the Bibles says or if the match with whomever is teaching you falsehoods.


After all your soul is at stake whom do you believe Jesus or do you believe men’s philosophy?

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