A Christian rebuttal to richard rives book “Time is the ally of deceit”

On Feb of 2014 I bought and later received, read the book ‘time is the ally of deceit’ authored by richard rives. I bought a copy of this book for the specific purpose to test rives theories and doctrines.


I was not surprised by the information contained in it. Like it’s predecessor “Too long in the sun” rives attempts to further document “sycretist paganism” he insists modern Christians keep.


His ‘journey’ is not as damning or damaging as he thinks.


rives in both books uses alot of information that is used by several groups, sects or cults that all have a common doctrine. THEY keep the Ten Commandments, THEY keep Saturday Sabbath and if you don’t follow their doctrines you are the ‘cultist’!


Meanwhile rives try’s to steer clear of specific groups identifiers because he knows his doctrines would be labeled within the doctrines of that group or cult whether it is seventh day adventist, hebrew roots or any number of Theonomist doctrines easily found online.


Instead rives takes the ideas, doctrines of multiple groups in order to form his own specific philosophy that is contrary to modern Christianity.



In this book as well as “Too long in the sun” rives argues the following.



Christians are part of Israel


Christians are to be like “Nazoreans” who kept the Law of Moses and Sabbath


Modern Christianity is based from paganism if we use Christmas, Easter, Sunday because they are all Unbiblical (At least in his opinion / mind).



This fantastical tale is told in both books and packed with humongous amounts of judaizing, opinion, eisegesis but not Biblical truth due to his ‘cherry picking’ of Scriptures to promote his judaizing ideals.


In His book “Time is the ally of deceit”  contains the following six chapters.



“Chapter 1 Flee to the mountians”


“Chapter 2 baal comes to Rome”


“Chapter 3 the sun god mithra”


“Chapter 4 Constantine and the council of Nicaea”


“Chapter 5 remember the sabbath day”


“Chapter 6 the spirit of grace the righteousness of the law”


“Appendices: p. 225-235”


“Notes: “


“index P. 239-257”



Instead of a extremely time consuming refutation of all six chapters I want to do the following.


Problems that rives creates for himself.



Problem 1: Resources or Reference documents. Nothing listed is from a reputable Christian reference company. Why is that? IF rives was right it would be reflected in the writings of apologetic authors and multiple reference books. Instead many Christian Study Bibles and other reference books or Christian reference or apologetics websites counter his crappy research. Instead he uses secular materials that are biased against Christianity.


Problem 2: Did Jesus require ’10 commandments’ for His Gentile followers? While rives has alot to say he ignores REAL evidence and relies solely on opinion. Meanwhile I have posted many refutations and teachings that counter rives judaizing on my blog. Neither rives or his followers have refuted or can refute what I have posted.


Problem 3: Did Jesus or the Disciples give Commandments or specific doctrines to support Sabbath keeping? They did not. In fact Luke 4:16 Sabbath keeping was Jesus CUSTOM! So if Sabbath was a simple habit by Jesus then keeping Sabbath without Scriptural evidence to back rives claims is idiotic.



Errors by rives doctrine (IN BOTH BOOKS):



1 Christianity has not absorbed pagan doctrines, only limited pagan traditions. Rives and his allies HAVE TO show support that Christian doctrines are taken from pagans.


2 The Holy Bibles doctrines DONOT support rives doctrines. Christians are not part of Israel. Christians donot ‘have to’ keep Sabbath. Christians donot obey or break the Ten Commandments. My multiple posts on my blog refute rives anti-christian doctrines.


3 Rives DOES NOT list the names of Theologians or how they know that Christianity has paganism in it.


4 rives cannot list ANY Scriptures in the Gospels that dictate that Jesus REQUIRED the ’10 commandments’ as a morality for Gentiles


5 rives cannot list ANY Scriptures that list the ’10 commandments’ and faith that modern Christians are supposed to keep. Faith alone is what God requires of modern Christians along with following Jesus Doctrines.


6 Page 12 rives asks the question: “What is our Faith based on? Is it based on the Bible or is it based on the ever changing traditions that theologians have developed over the years?” Is Christianity based off of FAITH from the teachings of the Bible or based from flawed men? IF Christians base their FAITH on the Bibles teaching than what does rives base his doctrines from? It is not the Bible but his philosophy



7 rives CONSTANTLY drives home the philosophy that ‘nazorean’ Christians kept the ’10 commandments’. And yet he cant produce their Scriptures to back up his claims. True Nazareans kept the whole of the law and not merely the ’10 commandments’. Had they done so by keeping ONLY the ’10 commandments’ they would be law breakers not law keepers.



8 rives uses the greek word: anomia, and suggests that it is a word meaning the 10 commandments. However it actually means “breaking ANY law.” (See notes below)


rives purposefully mislead people to think that by breaking the ‘law of moses’ As a proof of his delusion he uses Matthew 7:22-23


Any study Bible that can be bought at a Christian book store will not agree with rives wild eisḗgesis.


Matthew 7:1-11 Judge not

Matthew 7:12 Golden rule

Matt 7:13-14 Straight gate

Matt 7:15-20 Beware of false prophets

Matt 7:21-23 Jesus warns of false brethren

Matt 7:24-29 Parable of the builder. Building ones Faith foundation on the teachings of Jesus vs. the philosophy of men.


In other words Matt 7:1-29 are not a teaching about the Law of Moses as if we are to keep all 613 Commandments but a variety of teachings by Jesus taken from the LOM.


Lies created by rives… Page 19. “There is no way to avoid the fact that what Jesus said was that those who transgress the law even though they do wonderful things in his name will be told that they must depart from him…”



Question: Did the Disciples require the ‘keeping’ of the Ten Commandments in order to become Gentile or Jewish Christians?


Answer: Acts 15:1-31



9 Early Christians likely used this as their daily guide for community life.


“The Didache: The Lord’s Teaching Through the Twelve Apostles to the Nations.”




IF you read this pamphlet, Early Christians used the Teachings of Jesus ABOVE the ‘law of moses’ which means that Jesus knew better than any man which of the ‘law of moses’ was the most important. Matthew 22:36-40.



10 Colossians 2:14 IS about the ‘law of moses’ not merely debt. P. 179 (TITAOD)


Paul taught very specific things including not trusting in false teachers. Colossians 2:1-23 is a adequate refutation to rives philosophy.



11 As a scare tactic rives uses the following to indicate:


P. 181 “We are told that if we sin willfully, if we intentionally break the Commandments of our Creator after we understand the truth regarding them that there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins…” (Heb 10:26)


How typically droll.


He is referring to Hebrews 10:1-39 which of course he misquotes like most cultists. More importantly Hebrews 1:1-14 to Hebrews 13:1-25 is a DEFENSE against the Judaizing cultists like rives. Even more damning is that Galatians 2:15-21 tells us that the law of moses CANNOT justify either Jew r Gentile.


Yes we can agree Christians can sin and even break the law of man. Both of which God dislikes and at the same time God can forgive us of ALL our sins.



12 Problem: Do modern Christians HAVE TO keep the Sabbath?


No they do not. They can choose that day or Sunday. No doctrine rives preaches can counter the Bible. And nothing rives has written can change the Bible.



As Christians we have dedicated our lives to living according to the teachings of our Lord Jesus and the Disciples. Like most of my fellow Christians I have poured over many Bibles and other Christian reference books on the issues rives presented about the Law of Moses and Sabbath. Only to discover that Jesus as God left behind specific Doctrines that Christians today should follow that donot support rives eisegesis.


These Doctrines or teachings are the basis of what Christianity was then and now.


Question: Should Christians keep the Law of Moses or the Ten Commandments as a morality?


The Bible says no.



Acts 15:1-31

Romans 13:8-11

Galatians 3:8-14

Galatians 5:1-14



Question: Are Christians COMMANDED to keep the Sabbath?


The Bible says no.


Luke 4:16

Romans 14:4-10


When we look at the Gospels we see how Jesus kept the Sabbath and how he broke the traditions of the Sadducees and Pharisees while living according to the Law of Moses. Meanwhile we have nothing recorded by himself or the Disciples to keep the Sabbath as they did. The only excuse by hebrew roots, seventh day adventists, cog and other Theonomist cults have left is “Jesus is our example” and in saying and doing so have no Scriptural basis to keep the Sabbath by Commandment.



As for rives accusations about so-called paganism within Christianity. The various posts on my blog have refuted his accusations using multiple resources found online that attempt to show that modern Christianity is separate from ancient and modern paganism. For reasons only known to richard rives he has ignored and said nothing of the evidences I have publically posted to refute all his false teachings and foolishness.









rives translates: “Anomia” “sin is the transgression of the law”.



And yet Biblical websites say this:




“the condition of without law because ignorant of it because of violating it contempt and violation of law, iniquity, wickedness ”


“Lexicons – New Testament Greek Lexicon – New Testament Greek Lexicon – New American Standard – Anomia”



http://www.biblestudytools.com/search/?q=iniquity&s=References&rc=LEX&rc2=LEX GRK&p=2



Now how could he get that wrong? Because he is simply following a poorly constructed philosophy and did not research that subject further.


Anomia is violation of ANY law. Not merely the Law of Moses. So those FALSE Christians who violate ANY Law are the ones to ‘depart’ from Jesus according to Matthew 7:1-23.


IF evidence that Anomia meant the Ten Commandments it would be easily found. Such evidence seemingly doesn’t exist.





In case anyone is curious I bought 3 items from rives ‘ministry’. They were 2 books: “too long in the sun”, “Time is the ally of deceit”, and the DVD “Did God say”


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