More liberal lunacy Combining Gender Race and more to defend gay rights



According to this article several weeks ago…



“Religious Freedom Not to Serve Jews?”

“By Jay Michaelson “

“The Daily Beast, 6-14-2014”–politics.html





The gay author of this article / post Equates the limited comments of ‘Mat Staver of the U.S. Liberty Counsel’ in a one minute video to be that of a ‘racist’, ‘Anti-Semite’ and the usual liberalized name calling that the gay ‘community’ love to call those of us who are Conservative.


However here is what this individual is REALLY doing.



He equates his chosen lifestyle / fetish to be the same as race or gender. Which of course is a total scam. No-one is born gay. There never has been and never will be a ‘gay gender’ or a ‘gay race’.


Of course the pro gay / liberal propagandists neglect to mention that to their brain dead followers.



In keeping with the doctrines of liberalism and assorted philosophy he equates those who are racist, Anti-Semitic in their ideology to be similar with those of us within Conservative circles. Which of course is idiotic because despite any claims to the contrary those who process such beliefs do so out of a separate idealism than political or religious conservatives.


After all wasn’t it ‘socialism’ and other liberal ‘isms’ that hitler used to create his ideology? I think it was.




The articles author is not only ‘intolerant’, ‘biased’ and ‘bigoted’ against those who donot share his worldview. This is a typical and worthless attack against those of us who no longer tolerate the propaganda and ignorant ideas of those who support fetish lifestyles that are medically unsafe and immoral.



The term ‘homophobia’ which is supposed to mean ‘fear of homosexuals’ is now a slang and swear word against ANYONE that doesn’t approve of the latest fad of providing gay persons with unlimited rights to screw over everyone else that doesn’t fit into their perverse worldview not only at a persons employment but in the courts and eventually in Churches. Which means that we as Conservatives, Christians are no doubt enemy number one to a group of power hungry fetishists.


And yet is the ‘homophobes’ fault for any and all perceived threats, criminality, bigotry, hatred against this grand neo-masters of sodomites and lesbians who gather together is if they are a coven of witches willing and legally able to punish all of us heterosexuals for our made up sins.





Everyone who gets a job in the USA and makes ANY proclamation about being gay are protected legally under Federal laws. Which of course means that gays can sue EVERYONE that doesn’t bow down, bend over to their idiocy.



Within this individuals rant was this paragraph…


” What both of these exchanges indicate is that, indeed, there is no difference between turning the gays away and turning the Jews, blacks, seniors, or women away. There are people with religious beliefs that disfavor all those groups.”



Am I the only thinking person left in the USA to realize that this articles liberal author equates his chosen lifestyle with racism, anti-Semitism? Which begs a specific question that sh0uld be asked of all liberals that equate the gay lifestyle as a gender, ethnic group or race. “Just where in the history of the world are their claims true, that gays are a gender, race or ethnic group that have been abused for thousands of years?”


In my own research I find no specific evidence that such claims are even true.


Yet here is something more important. It is not merely religion but political, social, cultural ideologies that can target, HAVE targeted Women, Ethnic groups, Religions, Races and more by using criminal and other activities to harm them all as people. Yet to merely accuse  Christians of such evils is ignorant and stupid. The entire human race has been doing such evils for thousands of years and that means EVERYONE is guilty. It is only now that gays and their allies have won political and societal victories do they want to force their vices upon the whole of humanity by the legal system that awarded them such powers.

And even worse by trying to punish the heterosexuals they act as another human monster in the same vein as those who harmed races, women and others for the sake of one ideology over another no matter if it was political or religious.


No…  it’s not bigotry or racism that drives a skeptic like me. It’s the realization that those who claim to be gay and chose to force their views on the rest of us online, in the courts and everywhere else where they want to promote their  ideology that they are a neo-race / ethnic group deserving of specialized rights…


Despite their propaganda, threats and hatred I find no evidence in history, biology, religion etc… that they are truthful.


But in reality are neither a gender, race, or ethnic group. They are only people who gather together making up their own ‘community’ who practice the same lusts and nothing more.


To conclude with this post I must ask the following.

Is being born Jewish the same as being gay? Do we now equate actual biological markers within a ethnic group known as ‘Jewish’ to be similar to that of being gay?

I know of no known biological markers within the human body that makes people gay… Only bad choices and actions.

While liberals  scream of ‘bigotry’, ‘intolerance’ and attempt the use of the term ‘racist’ to those individuals and business that have started a long struggle against the liberalized progay government, their own words and actions scream the same back to them that they are INTOLERANT, BIGOTED and RACIST against those who are standing up for their political and religious ideologies  that go against their idiocy and arrogant laws.


UPDATE: 3-29-2015


Michaelson in his book… ” God vs. gay the religious case for equality ”

Refutes his own statements not only in his book but also his article / post with…

“Chpt 15 P 129-145 ”

“P 131 “Now as we’ve said before gays are not the same as blacks or women. And while united in the same overall struggle for liberation and equality no one is arguing that ‘sexual minorities are in the same social position as ethnic or racial minorities. But we can draw analogies between one struggle and another. As in these other areas accepting sexual diversity is good for religious communities because it precisely the flexibility of religious values that enables them to survive and adapt. In stretching ourselves we reflect on our values refine our assumptions and in doing so grow as religious individuals and communities.”

IF gay men, lesbian women and the rest of the ‘lgbt-ers’ are not the same as a race or gender than all other arguments they can use falls apart.

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