A apostates rant… and my response to it




Three days ago ‘pastor’ penwell posted to the libtarded newspaper huffington post the following rant against a individual who sent him a chick tract called “Reverend Wonderful”


See here for that tract.





His rant…


“Jesus Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Christianity in Awhile”

“Derek Penwell”

“Author; Editor; Speaker; Activist”

“Posted:  06/26/2014 10:08 am EDT”





How typically liberal… Oh wait… It’s not about Liberty or Freedom it’s about promoting sin guised as ‘normality’, leftist tolerance, ‘love’ in the name of social experimentation and stupidity.



Well in keeping with the use of tracts it’s little wonder that the libtarded ignore these…



“Birds and the Bees”

©2004 by Jack T. Chick LLC





“Doom Town”

©1991 by Jack T. Chick LLC






“The Gay Blade”

©1984 by Jack T. Chick LLC






©2011 by Jack T. Chick LLC





Now that I’ve included those tracts  as a limited response to the hate filled comments by a well known enemy of Christ. Let’s deal with his post. To claim to be a Christian and yet write anger filled hate against the very one you claim to follow is being a hypocrite and no amount of apologizing can make anyone believe in the malarkey that the left have spewed not merely over ten years but closer to fifty or more years… (?)


But I digress.


Would Jesus ‘go with the social’ experiments and theories of the liberals? Evidence in the Scriptures has always led me to the conclusion that Jesus as both man and God would not have promoted ‘gay’ rights or marriage or any other type of immoral behaviors.


As a Jew Jesus kept the whole of the Law of Moses and in that same Law the sodomites, lesbians, transsexuals and other deviant fetishists would have been killed. So then why are liberals so stupid to assume God is on their side?


Jesus did not influence his followers to follow the perversions of Greek, Roman or other cultures he experienced during the course of his life he told we his followers to separate ourselves from the sins of this world not promote them.


What modern ‘liberal’ churchianity is doing is changing Jesus and his Gospel and making it ‘gay friendly’ to the extent it changes both Jesus message and his words. And in doing so those who follow such philosophy and apostasy will only obtain hellfire.


Simply put… God hates sin and the immorality that liberals approve of and promote as grand social experiments and theories donot make them ‘friends’ to God. In fact it makes them his enemy along with their master satan.



Jesus as God will judge those who claim to be his and yet promote sin and illogical social experiments.


All those who are under ‘pastor’ penwells flock should be reminded of that before it’s too late.


Matthew 7:21-27


Matthew 13:36-51

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