Whom is the coward Franklin Graham or Derek Penwell?

June 8, 2014

This previous May I found a recent article authored by one of many ‘liberal Christians’ that attack Franklin Graham and many other Christians who dare respond to  so-called ‘progressive’ / liberal christianity because of their pro gay propaganda.



His article:


“Franklin Graham Is the Worst Thing to Happen to God in a While”

” Posted:  05/29/2014 3:58 pm EDT    Updated:  3 hours ago”

“Derek Penwell”

“Author; Editor; Speaker; Activist”





Which is his response to Pastor Grahams Video.



“watchmen on the wall 2014”








Even Franklins Father recognizes the sin involved with the gay lifestyle.



“Billy Graham on Being a Nonconformist”

“Decision Magazine”

“May 2014”





We as Christians WILL NOT, SHOULD NOT conform to this world. Including the sins of homosexuality, gay rights, gay marriage, abortion, humanism, liberalism, atheism and all the other ‘isms’


It is NOT loving or responsible for ANYONE to promote lifestyles that are based on lies and deceit. There is nothing healthy about sodomy or lesbianism. IF the liberals would actually read on the science involved they would agree that there is nothing safe about promoting such activities.


Even Worse…


How can anyone calling themselves a Christian and Pastor tolerate and promote self suicide all for the sake of liberalized ‘free-dum’.


Who is really a coward?





“1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.”





It’s every liberal ‘christian’ like Derek Penwell, Gene Robinson and many others who no longer preach the Gospel but preach the idiocy of humanism and liberalism in the guise of liberal christianity.

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