Islams use of Rev JR Dummelow

Here is a old post of mine that discusses and criticizes islams use of the long-dead Rev Dummeolows book “A commentary on the Holy Bible”.

As you can see I have listed various muslims and their propaganda with links that use the writings of Rev. Dummelow. This controversial editor is also used by Christians science, mormons and other cults. Although as I write this I can assume that Rev. Dummelow is not typically used in Christian Bible studies. In fact I doubt I’ll find his book listings in most Christian bookstores.

His book:

“A Commentary on the Holy Bible,”

“By John Roberts Dummelow”

“Published by The Macmillan company., 1909”

“Original from the University of Michigan”

“Digitized Jun 23, 2006”

“1091 pages”

Mr Dummelow is credited with his ‘commentary’  and quoted by muslim critics of the Holy Bible. Yet despite thier criticisms and thier lack of understanding of Christianity and their hatred of God disproves their so-called findings…

Allow me to list those who use his ‘work’…


Quoted by both Ahmed Deedat & Maulana Muhammad Ali

Ali: Page 39, 79a in the holy quran English translation and commentary

“Islam and the Four Gospels”

“By: Dr Ahmed A. Galwash”


“Interpolations in the Bible”

“by A.S.K. Joommal”


“Jesus – the son of a Man”

“by : by Brother Muhammad Ata ur-Rahim”


” Muhammad natural successor to christ”

(Same Booklet)


“Islam and Christanity By Mrs. Ulfat Aziz-Us-Samad”


“The Bible_Word of God or Word of Man by A.S.K. Joomaal”


“Recommended by Ahmad Deedat, another treatise on the contradictions in the Bible and valuable resource for Muslims to protect themselves from religious attacks. Note however, that I feel this information should not be used to attack Christians, but more gently as a tool to help them have an open mind for other viewpoints.”


(Note to Mr Joomaal; I consider your criticisms an attack…)

Notice that Dummelow was EDITOR not writer of the commentary. There was 19 or more writers for this commentary that appeared in 1909. In fact just how much of this was actual INFORMATION and not just opinion. After all islamic propaganda is usually opinion and not scholarly investigations.

Yesterday I found his book online. Here is the link…,M1

If this link doesn’t work use:   and type in Dummelow… scroll down till you find a link that says ‘full view’ and look up whatever you want.

My thoughts on the outdated Dummelow. If his opinions mattered today in the 21st century obviously Christians would use his works. But instead the very religions that claim ‘revelation’ and yet theologically are so different and mixed… demonstrates that they are willing to use any sources in order to criticize and discredit Christianity to their own peril.

Frankly since Dummelow is hardly known and his opinion is so badly un-used and outdated it’s no suprise that the cults are trying to find anything to prove their faulty logic and man-made theology.

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