ISSUES: My Q&A about my issues with islam

I started my research into moslem claims going as far back as 2008. Before that time I knew very little about that theocratic system. I eventually learned that islam is not a religion as I recognize from America. While moslems are mostly peaceful and not utter terrorists the system they chose to follow and its past are not guiltless of bloodshed & war.

My Issues with Islam as a theocratic system:

(From my FAQ: 2008-2012)

“Why do you hate muslims / Islam as you do?

Although it may not seem like it. I don’t hate muslims as people. I, however have many issues about what Islam is as a system and I am easily offended with muslim actions against non muslims both online and in person. If I have a ‘hate’ of islam as a SYSTEM it is because of its teachings against Christians and Jews.


“Why can’t you accept that God of Judaism and Christianity is the same god of Islam?”

The Bible makes it clear that God is like a Father to his followers. Allah the islamic god is distant, unknowable and therefore not the same. The God of Israel has brought back Israel the Country and the Jews back to Jerusalem in 1948 so yet another example that allah / ilah is not the same God as the one of the Jews. In my recent and past studies of Islam I noticed in Islamic dictionaries that muhammads allah came from Arabian paganism… so you do the math. You expect Christians or Jews to accept a pagan god over the one who is personal not distant?


(The Universal Comment) “You are a racist for being critical (skeptical) of Islam…”

This is a ‘universal’ comment typed up by every muslim who can’t convince non muslim critics / skeptics of islam through their ‘dawah’ to convert to islam. Islam is not merely a religion but a ENTIRE SYSTEM that enforces a theocratic system rule upon both muslim and non muslims. Many of these laws that flow from the quran and hadiths are Freedomless foolishness that force Christians, Jews, Atheists and others to convert to islam or face taxation, persecution and death.

Muslims are not a specific race but made up of races as a system. That fact cannot be ignored or refuted.


“Don’t you know that the quran is Gods last word?”

The quran is a collection of ‘dictations’ from Muhammad to at least 42 different scribes. These scribes used a variety of materials to collect muhammads words in written form. When a Christian reads the quran they recognize various characters from the Old Testament and the New Testament and yet despite the use of character names their stories are drastically different than those in the OT or NT. Since there are too many inconstancies and deviations in the stories collected in the quran VS the Bible. The quran is typically considered to be a poor copy. Compounding the problem is the use of muhammads sources. He used the information provided by various Christian sects in Arabia during his lifetime. These sources were considered heretical and were not part of the Organized Christian church at that time.

Hence the skepticism of the quran…

Also it should be noted that if a individual considers the use of religious syncreticism the Mormons (LDS), Jehovah’s Witnesses and other groups are Gods ‘final word’ assuming you believe in their claims. This of course means that God is confused with his own Theological decisions since the gods of the LDS (Mormons), JW and muslims are not the same.


“As a skeptic of the quran which do you prefer to use for your studies?”

Back in 2005 I found a jewel of a quran authored by Maulana Muhammad Ali which includes a English translation and commentary. The commentary itself is most helpful for gaining the understanding of a individual muslims religious ideas about his faith. I always suggest to borrowing a quran from your local library to investigate it as a skeptic this way you don’t need to pay good money and possible support a Islamic group that funds Hamas or whomever.

If you choose to read the quran online feel free to use, and others to read the quran as a skeptic to understand its oddities.


Don’t you know that Christianity is also guilty of bloodshed?

I recognize that catholic Christianity is guilty of bloodshed & horrific crimes against humanity. The historic evidence is overwhelming about that.

However I am not catholic and their crimes & sins donot fall upon my belief system it is Jesus whom I follow and not the catholics. Jesus did not teach about murdering, raping, stealing from unbelievers. In fact Jesus never left behind any ideology about hurting other people.

Muhammad on the other hand taught his early followers to do such crimes in the name of their strange god. To prove my accusation all one has to do is read the hadiths online to see that islam is still influenced to do evil.

Anyone with a internet connection can easily read all sorts of news stories of moslems committing criminal acts against non muslims in places such as Canada, UK, Ireland etc.


How do you know if the Bible is true and the quran is not?

Because I found plenty of archeological and other evidences that indicate that the Christian Bible & Jewish Torah are true compared to other religions that have no evidence to support them. Where is the evidence that the qurans versions of stories about Moses, Jesus and many others are true?


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